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If you are like most new-car buyers , at some point in time you will be trading in a used vehicle. Everyone wants to get the best price and trade in credit that they can possibly get.  What steps , procedures and clean ups can you possibly do to ensure that your vehicle gets that top dollar ?

First Impressions Count – Yet Not all Auto Dealers Simply Judge a Book by Its Cover:

No doubt about it – first impressions are lasting.  Hence the appearance of your car , that you wish to trade in , is vital.  Yet knowledgeable dealers or even private parties do not judge a “book by its cover” nor any vehicle sorely by apprentice and appearances.  Yet a good first impression will set the stage and go a long way to get you down the right path of  a larger and heftier amount of cash.

A Professional Paint Job May Well Pay for Itself Clean & Shampoo the Interior:

It can be said that on a car or truck a new paint job may look good.  Yet to an expert appraiser that shiny paint job may be hiding body damage.  Yet no doubt an upper scale professionally done paint job will more than pay for itself ,whereas an amateur or poor quality low end job won’t and may even be a a detraction.  Overall experts say , its like proper and consistently regular dental hygiene.  Overall keep your car both clean and apply regular waxes and polishes over its lifetime is the best policy far.  In addition your vehicle should be spic and span inside as well as out.  Before turning in the vehicle for a trade in inspection  take the time and effort to clean the upholstery with shampoo.  In addition make sure that the glass and metal surfaces are clean , shiny and spotless.

Engine Appearances Plus Replace Your Battery:

Next in line is engine condition and appearance , as engine appearance and presentation is the next step in line that potential buyers and appraisers are going to examine.  It can be said that ease with which a car starts is important.  Invest in a tune-up and a new battery.  At the least have your battery fully charged when you pull up to the dealership or auto lot.

Buyers May Have Their Mechanic or Garage Pre-Check the Vehicle:

Smart and thorough buyers will usually insist as a matter of course to have a competent mechanic , garage or auto dealer service center inspect any used vehicle.  Think of this not as a threat and bad thing but rather insurance that protects both parties and indeed if your vehicle is in overall good shape increase your bargaining power and  final sum.  If you are taking your vehicle to a professional auto dealer this step on your part might be a wise and prudent investment.  More than one auto owner with a trade in has found that a small inexpensive part that was not working or needed replacement , resulted in a hefty deduction at the dealer lot trade in , whereas had they replaced that part themselves , ahead of time – they would have been way ahead at the end of the road.

By Following the Above Steps On Trade-ins You Will Get a Better Price:

It can be said that all the steps and procedures above to prepare your car for sale or trade in are basic and even common sense.  Yet many people and automobile owners do not follow these steps nor pay attention to details.  In the end they are the losers – not the auto dealerships or the private car or truck buyers that they make a deal with.

Sherwood Parks

Sherwood has been involved in the automotive & transportation industries in Western Canada – specifically Calgary & Edmonton northern Alberta regions.  His expertise runs all the way from auto mechanic’s skills to auto finance & financing.  Yet his slogan remains – “Need reliable transportation – have a job ?”  No doubt about it Sherwood is a car guy who lives for autos