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For those who have recently purchased a new 4WD vehicle (not to be confused with all-wheel drive) for the family, the process can be a bit intimidating. It is common to hear people calling these types of cars ‘gas-guzzlers’ and when living in a world that is so focused on helping the environment; this can be a tricky decision, with a lot of pressure attached. The good news? These cars have changed over the years and aren’t what they used to be. There are a wide range of more environmentally friendly options to choose from and be proud of having.


Upside Number One: Feeling Safer on the Road


Safety first


Any parent or parent-to-be can relate to just how much life changes. You naturally stop thinking so much about yourself or you and your partner and start thinking more in terms of safety, comfort, and focusing less on luxury and ‘wants’ – more on true needs. What many parents fail to see is that you can both indulge yourself and satisfy your personal needs.


Four-wheel drive offers something two-wheel drive cannot, and that’s the ability to choose when you need a bit more power and control. This means much better traction in wintery or rainy conditions, and the ability to still save gas. Stability is important, especially on windy roads and in off-terrain driving. Sometimes you just never know what may be around the next corner, so it’s a neat option to have, allowing your family to do what they want, when they want, without all the hassle of the unknown. There are enough stressors in everyday life, worrying about the reliability of your car shouldn’t be one of them.


In the Akakus mountains, Libya


Electronically Controlled


As we mentioned earlier, 4WD vehicles aren’t what they used to be. These days, many of them are controlled electronically, allowing you to switch ‘modes’. This means you will always be driving with the optimal amount of power and safety no matter the climate or terrain (rain, snow, mud, dirt, etc). Changes can be made as you are driving down the road, so if there are sudden, unexpected changes in the environment, you’ll always know your car has your back.


The Ability to Help those in Need and Carry Additional Weight


Couples, especially those with children are known to be on the go a lot. Whether you are trying to squeeze in a fun trip for your closest relatives, or just a small outing for you and the kids, it is nice knowing your car is tough enough to pull boats and trailers so you can bring all of your most important items along for the ride. No more stressing over transportation and avoiding trips to the beach or the mountains. Have a teen recently get their license? With 4WD, you can sleep better at night knowing if they were to ever get into a sticky situation, you can bail them out. This also gives you the options to help those you drive past who may not have cars with enough power to get themselves home safely.


Jake Dunlop is the owner of a shop which deals with the buying and selling of central 4WD accessories in Perth, WA. He loves long distance driving and makes sure he goes out on long drives atleast once a month.