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If you are lucky enough to own a RV, you will already appreciate the huge flexibility they afford the owner when it comes to vacations and other leisure activities. You no longer need deal with expensive and shabby motels, and you can dictate your own rules when it comes to travel arrangements. These vehicles are becoming more popular, and you can even rent them for an extended period of time. If your RV is looking a little tired, here are some tips that will ensure that it is fit and well for your next trip upcountry.

 Keep It Covered!

If you have sufficient garage space, and it needs to be big, keep your RV indoors when you are not using it. Or you can buy a portable structure that will offer a breathable, weatherproof environment. They are very flexible and can be set up in your garden or driveway. The sun and rain are both culprits when it comes to affecting your RV’s condition.

Remember It Is A Vehicle

The RV is luxury on wheels and we sometimes forget about its more basic needs. It is a motor vehicle, and these need a lot of regular care and attention. You can perform many of the maintenance tasks yourself, provided you are handy with these kinds of tasks. Just mirror the safety checks you do on your own car and you will be halfway there. The oil and coolant levels need to be monitored, as does the brake and clutch fluid. The heating system is more sophisticated than on a normal car or truck, this will need regular testing to ensure your next trip is a comfortable one. Keep an eye on the tire tread level and make sure the brakes are in good condition.

Keep It Clean!

Once you have taken care of the vehicle side of things, you need to think of the RV as a moveable living quarters. You clean your house regularly, so why not follow suite with your mobile version? This should be done after you return from your latest sojourn, and the place will probably be fairly messy, especially if your kids came along. Use the same vacuuming and cleaning techniques that you employ around your static house and you will not go far wrong. Remember to pay extra attention to the chemical toilet feature and spend some time sterilizing the water and waste pipe system.

Safety Precautions

After you have returned from your holiday, ensure that you switch off the gas and water supplies, because there can be repercussions if the gas decides to escape from your RV. You will also be ensuring that you are not using unnecessary fuel.  If you have a water heating system, you should turn this off after draining the contents. You could do worse than remove the RV’s battery and keep this on a trickle charge for the rest period.

External Care

Your luxury bus will love a nice wash and polish, remember it is a big task though and will take at least half a day to do well. As long as you follow these procedures, you will enjoy this fantastic lifestyle option for many years to come!

Today’s guest post is authored by Andy Kirk, an interior designer. His firm specializes in building portable garages. A regular traveller, he loves moving around in his RV and gives useful advice to people about maintenance of the vehicle.