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The Cadillac. It’s been called the finest automobile ever made. It’s as American as Mom and apple pie. And when something is the best of the best, it’s called “The Cadillac” of its kind. People dream of driving a Cadillac in Grand Rapids. Here is why:

Superior engineering

More than 100 years ago, the first Cadillac rolled off the line in Detroit. It delivered a smooth ride unlike anything anyone had ever experienced, and it was stylish. Soon the Cadillac delivered the first-ever electric starter and colors other than black. It didn’t take long before Cadillacs were considered the new standard of the world. Cadillacs still deliver innovation. No other automobile in the world rides like a Cadillac. They’re big, safe cars that drive and ride like sports cars and get exceptional gas mileage. When a person invests in a Cadillac, they are investing in a quality automobile that is built to deliver an unmatched driving experience.

Superior comfort

One of the things that set Cadillacs apart from other cars is the superior level of comfort they offer. Cadillacs are, in every sense of the word, luxury automobiles. From the way the leather seats smell and fell to leg room amenities such as heated seats to in-automobile DVD players to online navigation, Cadillacs are built to give their owners every “creature comfort” they need. Literally, no other automobile in the world offers a ride like a Cadillac.

The prestige

There is something unique about the Cadillac experience that has nothing to do with the driving. It’s the way people look at a Cadillac owner, the way they treat him or her. People have a sort of reverence for those whose automobiles display the vaunted Cadillac logo. They know that the person driving the automobile appreciates the finer things in life, is successful and understands the importance of quality. It is called prestige, and it is one of the reasons owning a Cadillac is a truly unique experience.

The value

Even though Cadillacs are luxury automobiles, they represent an incredible value for their owners. Cadillacs offer superior comfort, unmatched engineering and excellent fuel efficiency. They are great automobiles for long trips as well as short, day-to-day driving. They also hold their value better than most other cars and SUVs on the market, meaning their owners always have options–whether it be to trade it in for a new Cadillac in Grand Rapids or simply sell it to someone else who appreciates quality.

The reliability

There is a reason so many of these Cadillacs are in Grand Rapids. It’s because they are reliable. Since the first Cadillac rolled off the line more than 100 years ago, the brand has stood the test of time.

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