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If you are considering buying a hybrid car that means you have already heard some good things about them, but are still unsure of whether they are a good choice. Don’t let all the internet jokes and derisive comments from sports car or muscle car owners fool you, hybrids are a very good investment. They just happen to be one of those things that are popular to hate on for all the wrong reasons (like stating names of celebrities that a person doesn’t like and saying: ”Well he drives a Prius, and he’s an arrogant snob, so all hybrid cars are just for arrogant snobs!”), but there are plenty of reasons why you should buy one as well.

They save you money

Lets’ face it this is a very good reason to buy anything, as long as the product is useful and the lower price doesn’t mean lower quality. There is a huge difference between cheap and cost-efficient. Hybrid cars utilize newer technologies and are therefore created to some pretty high standards. Their money-saving ability comes from several different aspects:

The hybrid car consumes less gasoline – the name “hybrid” comes from the fact that the motor runs on both gas and electricity, which means you get a lot of miles per gallon. Another thing is that contributes to a good mileage is that these hybrids are not the biggest nor heaviest cars in the world.  So less gas spent equals less money spent.

The engine is actively engaged in saving fuel – whenever the car is stopped, for a short or prolonged duration of time (heavy traffic, a red light, etc.) the engine will automatically turn of and is then reengaged once you hit the gas pedal. You might not think this is a big deal, but over a course of the day these little stops can amount to quite a bit. So if you look at it long-term you will be saving yourself a few trips to the gas station every month.

The batteries will recharge on the road – as you are driving along you will be cycling between accelerating and braking. During braking all the generated force will be transferred into electrical energy to charge the batteries, which not only means you don’t have to worry about charging, but that your brake pads will be seeing way less wear and tear than those on a traditional car.

You spend less money on taxes – President Obama seems to be keen on having more green vehicles on the roads and thanks to this fact, hybrid owners in the US are looking at some good tax breaks in the foreseeable future.

Companies offer good warranties on their hybrids – while a warranty on most of the car will rarely exceed about three years, components specific to the hybrid type will have up to eight year warranty, which is a good way to prove that you believe in your product. This means you can have your mind at ease as far as maintenance for the first few years is concerned.

Compact size means ease of parking

Road rage incidents are often caused over parking spaces, and many people that drive minivans, SUV’s or just plain old big American made cars have had a lot of trouble finding enough room on the parking lot to squeeze into. Hybrid cars are more compact and can be a very useful tool for people in highly populated areas, where parking space is an issue. Their unassuming look and their reputation as a “hippy car” also makes them less prone to being stolen than cars with a more sports-racing look.

They are good for the environment

The US is one of the major polluters of the environment, and the things most responsible for this reputation are the big, often unnecessary SUV’s and the traditional, but hugely fuel-inefficient American muscle car that has become a part of popular culture. By buying a hybrid car you become a member of a growing group of people who show they care for the world around them, and what state they leave it in for future generations. Global warming and air pollution are some of the things that can be battled only by consistent adherence to a few simple principles, but only if it is done on a large scale. If more people start buying hybrid cars, not only will they develop a more positive image in popular culture, but it will help lower our dependence on fossil fuels and open the door to new technological development in the field of electric powered vehicles.

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