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As the holiday season approaches, it’s already time to start thinking about going present shopping. While generic gift hampers and gift vouchers are the easiest option, it’s thoughtful to buy something a bit more personalised. Hobby presents are a great way to show the gift receiver that you know them and actually put some thought into what to get them. Car enthusiasts are great people to shop for, as there are tons of gadgets and accessories that would bring a smile to their faces.


Car accessories are perfect for drivers who like to add a bit of pizzazz to their vehicle. From fuzzy dice to a leather steering wheel cover, there are plenty of ways car owners can make the car their own. Other great car accessories include: air fresheners, a magnetic mobile phone holder and a colourful aerial topper.

However, if you’re going to buy someone an accessory for their car, you should know their taste very well. There’s a risk of getting them something they don’t like.

Car Parts

If you know the person pretty well – for example, if they’re your child, sibling or spouse – you can get them actual parts for their car that they’ll find useful. For example, new tyres or a set of snow tyres makes for a great gift. Also thoughtful would be new hubcaps or a new sound system. For the real motoring enthusiast, a carbon fibre hood or a new exhaust would be ideal.

Alternatively, if the person’s car needs any repairs for example if there’s a crack in the windshield or the air conditioning system is broken, your gift can be to pay for them. While this might not seem exciting, it’s certainly very thoughtful. However, if you do plan to pay for repairs, you should know the individual very well and be sure that he/she would be comfortable with it.

Car-Related Items

If you’re not quite comfortable getting someone a gift for their car – after all, a car is a very personal space – you can simply buy them something driving or car-related. For example, you can get them a car calendar, a model car kit, a cool keychain or Top Gear on DVD.

Now that you have a better idea of what to buy a car enthusiast, consider going the extra mile by wrapping the gift in car-related gift-wrapping. If you can’t find the right wrapping paper, make your own by using brown paper bags and dipping a toy car’s wheels in ink to create tyre marks.

Happy shopping!

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