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With fall season and  cold winter time starting soon to be on its way car & truck auto battery selection and replacement may well be on your mind.  After all how long do auto batteries last?  Secondly is the inconvenience of time, being late at work plus the costs and delays of an auto wrecker towing truck to your local car dealership kicking in?  Its all about good overall economy and thrift to your home auto budget plus delays of inconvenience to you and your family as well.

It’s Better to Have Your Battery Inspected Professionally Before Winter Frigid Weather No Starts:

Most people and automobile owners it seems wait for the last moment and disaster to strike.  Yet when maintaining and operating a car it’s not cost or time effective. If you do wait till the middle of winter – in a fourty below Fort Fort McMurray, Canadian or alternatively Fort Nelson Northern British Columbia January or late December day , to call or arrive at your local auto dealership service centre – guess what – take a number and wait for a week.  Better to take care of car or truck battery care, checking and potential replacement ahead of time.  You will definitely be ahead of the curve when it comes to short lines and also the replacement battery may be in stock and on sale to boot.

Four to Five Years Is Standard Car & Truck Battery Replacement Schedule Times According to Auto Service Centers & Licensed Mechanics:

Simply put if you garage your car in winter time you are better off.  Your battery will be warmer and hold more of a charge come cold winters.  It’s easier over all on lead acid batteries and extends battery life, plus a warmer (read less chilled engine block) makes for easier starts with less drain on your batteries limited chemically derived electrical power reserve.  If you do “park outside” that is without the protection of a garage, carport then no doubt its harder on your car and your battery.  Expect less functional reliable time duration of service from your trusted electrical power reservoir.  Auto service experts, factory trained auto service techs as well as highly trained & licensed auto mechanics routinely advise that in such situations auto lead acid batteries should be replaced routinely at four years duration – 5 as an extreme case.

In the End it’s All About Safe Reliable & Economical Transportation:

Why take chances and live on “borrowed time” when it comes time to battery replacement and replacement schedules.  It simply false economy over and not worth it.  Simple as that.  Remember in the end its all about safe, reliable and economical transportation.

Pitt Meadows

Pitt has been a car guy since his young years growing up in Surrey British Columbia.  Hence it was no accident that his worldly pursuits involved the automotive sector providing  cars and trucks through various Vancouver BC truck and car dealerships.  Although his role no doubt is to get those wheels off the dealer’s lots and onto Canadian roads and highways .  Yet  Meadows still sees his role as  basically providing reliable transportation to his community