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Honda has been named as Britain’s greenest car brand, as voted for by visitors to EcoVelocity, the UK’s premier green motor show.

People that visited EcoVelocity were surveyed as to what brand they considered to be the greenest, with Honda claiming first place. Vauxhall came second with Nissan completing the top three.

In fourth and fifth place were the Mia Electric and Toyota respectively. The survey also asked visitors which car they were likely to invest in over the next twelve months with Vauxhall in first, Toyota in second and BMW third.

The results of the survey aren’t so black-and-white, though. When the results were categorised into male and female opinion, a new picture emerged.

EcoVelocity managing director Giles Brown says, “There may well be some arguing before a buying decision is made – men placed Honda at the top, followed by Toyota and Vauxhall, while women put Nissan at the top of their list, followed by Vauxhall, with Peugeot and Honda in joint third place.

“The Vauxhall Ampera was certainly one of the stars of the show, it’s a vehicle that delivers a no compromise option for motorists wanting to purchase a greener and cleaner vehicle.

EcoVelocity has only been running for two years, but is fast making a name for itself as one of the most popular electric car shows in the United Kingdom. Research shows that of the 58,000 people attending the 2012 exhibit in May, the single biggest contributing factor for people visiting was the chance to test drive the latest electronic vehicles.

“Not since the Motor Show have motorists attended an event aimed at demonstrating the latest models from mainstream manufacturers, and clearly sampling the latest technology including electric, hybrid and even hydrogen vehicles was the motivating factor,” adds Giles Brown.

The next EcoVelocity exhibit is due to take place in May 2013, where visitor numbers are expected to be higher than ever before. Manufacturers that attended EcoVelocity 2012, which was sponsored by EDF Energy, included Chevrolet, Citroen, Peugeot, Nissan, Honda, Mia, Vauxhall and more.

EcoVelocity is typically held at ExCel London, and is jointly-run by IGME Ltd and Media 10. EcoVelocity first launched in 2011 with a focus on green car technology, to educate and inform buyers about the technology available for them to purchase when they want to invest in an economic vehicle.

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