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As soon as you start thinking about the car you want to buy you will consider what you can realistically afford, or at least that is the hope. Living beyond your means is quite simply never a sensible idea so make absolutely certain that any car you buy fits into a manageable budget. Paying the fee to purchase the vehicle is only the very start and a whole range of other arrangements need to be taken into consideration when you are planning the financial side of matters.

How much will the insurance cost?

The price of the car to buy and the amount that will be needed to insure the vehicle are perhaps the most strongly linked conditions associated with making this kind of purchase. The insurance is something that is influenced by a number of factors, including the size of the car’s engine, the years of driving experience you have, the area you happen to live in, and even the type of job that you do. If you start looking for higher standards of performance from the vehicles you are browsing then the insurance will naturally rise too.


Road tax is another legal necessity and it costs to be able to display an in-date disc on the inside of your windscreen. You can purchase your tax for six months or a full year for example but whichever duration you decide to buy it for it needs to be considered a crucial part of your car budget.

Repairs and fuel

Unless you are fortunate enough to find yourself a car that avoids all problems then there will be some kind of maintenance or repairs that have to be done at some point. The hope is that these will not be too severe or expensive but it is still important to acknowledge that they can occur at pretty much any time. If you are using the car on a regular basis then frequent trips to the petrol station to fill up with fuel are to be expected. It is far from cheap to take care of this so look at your weekly budget and how much fuel you are likely to need.

MOT and servicing

The annual MOT that your vehicle needs to pass in order to still be legal to drive is also something that requires a significant amount of money. It can be easy to forget about this until it is coming up for renewal so keep this in mind as well as how often you will need to have it serviced.

Article written by Gary Hunter on behalf of the supplier of brake pads, discs, drums and all other car parts.