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In 2013, we have seen a slight move away from the gas guzzling motors to the futuristic electric cars, but how environmentally friendly are these electric cars?

For the past 50 years, scientists and car manufacturer specialists have been looking at ways to reduce vehicles fuel consumption to allow for more energy efficient cars that do not produce as many harmful emissions.

Ozzie Zehner – author of Green Illusions, wrote an article cleverly headlined ‘Unclean at any Speed’ – he once believed that electric cars would be the answer to reducing both pollution and fossil-fuel dependence. However, having seen the future of electric cars, he now admits that he was wrong.

It is thought that electric cars have been ‘over-estimated’ – people were expecting a powerful car that is also great for the environment. However, the electric cars that have been produced have not lived up to people’s expectations. Although the car may not be as perfect as people were imagining, they are still much better for the environment. An electric car does not produce any harmful gas emissions that is unless the battery or vehicle catches on fire.

Are Electric Cars Bad for the Environment?

The main question people have is how do you charge the car battery? The answer is that an electric car charges from being plugged in to the nation’s power grid. This means that the electricity is coming from local power plants that use coal, natural gas and nuclear.

What this really means is that electric cars are not actually that great for the environment. On gas cars, the harmful emissions would usually come straight from the car. However, with new and improved electric cars, they are simply ‘passing the buck’ to the power stations.

It is not feasible to expect electric car owners to power their car from renewable sources, therefore car manufacturers know that the majority of people will be getting their power from coal or natural gas sources.

The Future

While the electric car may not be perfected just yet, we are still expecting to see improvements in the future. Scientists are still looking to discover an easier way to create renewable energy. Once renewable energy is more accessible to more people, it is believed the electric car may be viewed as more economically efficient.

Car manufacturers are also looking at ways to improve battery life – this will ensure that car owners can get the most out of their electric car without having to stop and charge their car too often.

Another issue is that there are limited areas where electric car owners can charge their cars. However, as the electric car becomes more popular, we are expecting to see more charging points come available.

Kerry works testing electrical items to ensure that they are CE Certified by, she understands how future electric products must also turn to be eco-friendly.