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This blog article is about how fleet management software can be used to proactively manage your fleet in a cost effective manner.

It’s happened to all of us; you’re driving along on any road from a B road to a motorway and some other driver makes a careless manoeuvre which causes you to drastically slam the brakes or steer out of harm’s way.
How do you react?

If the other driver is a normal civilian driving a car ranging from anything between a VW Polo to a Bentley, often the extent of the reaction will either be a punching of the steering wheel, a few ‘choice’ words from inside the safety of the vehicle or physically getting out of the vehicle to point out to the other driver the error of their ways.

If the other driver is behind the wheel of a van, lorry or even a taxi, often they will have a little sticker somewhere on their vehicle asking you “HOW IS MY DRIVING?”. For those drivers out there who want to take things a bit further, ringing the number on the sticker will enable you to be able to lodge a complaint with the corporate owner of the fleet vehicle in the wrong.


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This is a small example of fleet management methods that companies are employing to ensure their fleet is essentially doing what it is supposed to. The ability for the corporate owner of the fleet to be able to actively manage their fleet allows them to highlight inefficiencies within their fleet which they can then seek to rectify. Fleet Management Software is a great way to do this. There are a wide variety of options available including Chevin Fleet; Fleet Management Software has given the whole fleet management process degrees of control and accuracy the process have never seen before, particularly when highlighting inefficiencies that can bring a fleet down.

An inefficiency could be the costs associated with running a fleet. Obviously there are considerable set-up costs associated with putting together a fleet but the running costs can prove just as extensive if the fleet is not managed properly. Factors such as fuel, repairs and legalities such as tax and insurance all add up, so ensuring that vehicles are taking the most direct route will help to keep these costs at a minimum.

Another inefficiency could be the standard of the driving. Referring to the original example in this post, a poor standard of driving could lead to accidents as well as annoying fellow drivers. Both of these can be detrimental to a company’s image as well as being expensive for their bank balance if they are having to fork out for numerous repairs.

It is worth investing in software such as Chevin Fleet; Fleet Management Software is a very effective method of managing your fleet in a proactive and cost effective manner and cannot be ignored.

This guest post has been written by Robin Dayes, a researcher and technician in the Fleet Management Software industry for Chevin Fleet.