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Introduced in 2005, Pontiac G6 replaced the smaller and blander Grand Am of Pontiac. The Pontiac G6 is available as a coupe, sedan, and a convertible with a retractable hardtop. It comes with a highly stylized interior as well as exterior, and with V6 engine, which is strong, powerful, and fuel-efficient. With up-to-date technology, excellent build quality, and attractive price, undoubtedly the Pontiac G6 catches the right pulse of car-buyers.

To keep a car like Pontiac G6 running for a longer time, you have to pay attention to maintenance. You have to do regular servicing of the car and on-time replacement of broken parts. Pontiac G6 has many vulnerable parts and one of them is the Pontiac G6 mirrors. Like any other car mirrors, Pontiac G6 mirrors are prone to breakage, even the slightest nudge from another vehicle can result in breaking of the mirrors. Visibility of the mirrors can deteriorate with growing age also. Due to their deteriorating visibility or breakage, for whatever reason, the Pontiac G6 mirrors have to be replaced from time to time for ensuring the safety of the driver and the riders.

Why Pontiac G6 Mirrors are Important for Pontiac G6:

For security purpose, car mirrors such as Pontiac G6 mirrors play an important role. Pontiac G6 mirrors come as part of the car. Starting from giving the view of the peripheral to help to assess the approximate distance and speed of other cars, the Pontiac G6 mirrors do everything that saves the driver and riders of the car from road accidents.

Functions of the rearview mirror and the side view mirror of the Pontiac G6 mirrors are critical in saving the car while driving. They help to see the vehicles coming from behind and also help to see people or objects at time of backing up the car or changing lanes. In addition, Pontiac G6 mirrors, like any car mirrors, help women for occasional makeup and retouch! Therefore, you need to replace old or broken Pontiac G6 mirrors with a good quality mirrors and while buying them, make sure that the new mirrors are coming with the following features:

1.    Highest quality materials used in manufacturing process
2.    1000+ applications for a wide range of domestic and import vehicles
3.    Direct bolt-on replacement for OEM mirrors
4.    Comply with federal safety standard FMVSS-111
5.    Designed & manufactured at ISO 9001-2000 certified facilities
6.    Complete assembly, comes with housing and mirror (for manual mirrors)
7.    Complete assembly, comes with housing, mirror, connector, wiring (for power mirrors)
8.    Plug & play installation

Buy Pontiac G6 mirrors that have the above features and to buy a good quality Pontiac G6 mirror, buy from reputed online car parts retailers.