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So you’re thinking about getting a new set of tires and you’re also thinking that maybe that tire salesman down the road would be nice enough to help you pick out good ones without also helping you wipe your wallet clean. While we should never lump tire salesman in one bunch (there are honest ones out there, too), understand that their paramount business is to sell tires and other services, not give you the savviest tips. So here are a few things you need to take note of just in case:

The Business of Selling Tires

Tires are crucial because they’re basically the ones in contact with the road. Tread separations and busted tires are never good news when you’re travelling, and a good tire salesman will know of more scenarios that can make the hairs on the back of your neck rise. And all of these situations started with something as simple as an improperly picked out tire. And because they cannot be assumed to make much money out of a low-margin product like tires, you can bet that a number of these tire people will use the information they know to get you to pay for other services or even a new set before your existing ones have worn out.

Best tires. In order for you to select the best tires, you first need to know exactly what kind of tires you need which ultimately depends on your car’s make and model as well as your driving habits. Once you have the tabs on these pieces of information, you can begin the process of shopping around.

Basic services. Once you’ve selected your new tires, it’s time to have them mounted and balanced. While these services may not seem too costly if you’re thinking in the basis of per tire, you’ll be multiplying these rates by four and this can considerably strain your wallet. The most practical solution is to look for an “all in” package or ask for the “out the door” price before making any commitments. Of course, there are shops which throw in these services for free.

The extras. While some extras may be warranted, be wary for things such as “free” standard alignments which show up in your bill, talks about dead batteries just after you have dropped your vehicle off, and free tire patching services wherein you later on find out cannot be done on your tire because of so and so reasons and you end up paying more to buy a single tire.

Anthony Roberts writes for Learn the best advice about car tires.