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Getting your car repaired can be a costly experience so making sure it’s done quickly with maximum efficiency is of upmost priority.

As with any form of trade, there are many genuine companies that offer competitive prices and employ professionals who can complete jobs with little fuss.

However, there are also companies and individuals that need to be avoided. If you run into the wrong people then you can often end up paying for jobs that don’t need to be completed and even find that the work you asked to be carried out is unfinished.

Here a few basic tips to make sure you stay clear of car repair scams.


When choosing a car repair company it always makes sense to do your research. These days, the majority of legitimate companies should have web sites that include points of contact like email, phone numbers and contact forms. This is usually a good sign of a reputable company that is happy to engage with their customers. Be concerned if a company has no web site and no point of contact.


Recommendations are arguably the best way of finding a reputable car repair company in your local area. Be sure to ask friends and family which servicers they use and what type of experience they are given with regards to cost, professionalism and time efficiency.


If you’re not totally up-to-speed on how exactly cars work then don’t be afraid to ask questions. For instance, ‘What exactly are you going to do to fix the problem?’ or ‘What parts will have to be replaced and what are the cost of the parts?’. The mechanics should be able to show you exactly what will happen and go into detail about the work. In addition, before you agree to any repairs, don’t forget to ask how long the work will take.

Estimates in writing

Legitimate car repair companies will often ask whether you would like work to be detailed in writing with an estimate also attached. Don’t use companies that offer their services purely by word of mouth and de-value the importance of paperwork.

Look for certifications

The mechanics that are carrying out the work on your car should be fully-qualified mechanics and certified to undertake the respective maintenance on your vehicle. Don’t be afraid to ask the car repair company for certifications and certificates that demonstrate the quality of their business and employees.

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