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Don’t Let Your Car Rust

One day suddenly you find some rust on your car. Rusting occurs when iron or the steel reacts with water with the heat and the salt in the air.

Don’t worry if the rust is at a small place , under the car or at a place where it does not show. The paint is not only for the car to look nice but also prevents rusting. You should be careful in case there is a scratch as that could lead to a bigger repair problem. Make sure you keep your car away oxidation.

How Do You Notice the Rust ?

• When you clean or wash your car check for rusting in the wheel wells and all the corners.

• Look around the car antenna , mirrors , moldings , trims, under the car body with a torch or some light.

• If you stay near the sea or the ocean or where it rains a lot check the metal of the car regularly for rusting .

• Ask your service mechanic to properly check under the car for rusting when the car is on the hoist.

Observations :-

• You might find the paint is darker at some places …… might be that it is rusted below that paint.

• If you have a scratch or a place where the paint has come off , apply the paint and don’t let it rust.

• Use the rust removers to at the pitted areas.

• Rust settles at place where there are salt deposit and dirty places.

How to Handle the Rusting :-

• Rub sandpaper or a razor at the rusted area . Be careful you do not spoil the paint around the rusted area. You could use a brush to dust the scraped rust.

• Apply the rust arrestor so that t rust does not spread further.

• Then paint it with a brush or a spray gun depending on the area after applying primer.

• At some places where the rust is really bad and you need to change that area , take an estimate from the mechanic and decide if it is worth the money spent keeping the life of the engine in mind.

• You can use the rust removing equipment available

How to Avoid Rusting

• Wash your once in 2 weeks and maybe once a week where there is salt in the air .

• Every six months you should wax your car .

• Make sure that you clean your car from inside as sometimes spilled things can start rusting.

• Wash your car properly under the car and in between the wheels.

• You could use the rust preventing sprays if you live at places which have salt in the air, like the areas near the oceans and seas.

• Keep your car dry as far as possible.

• Cover your car if the car stays more in the open.

• Try to keep the car indoors

• Always clean the rust the minute you notice it .

• Applying the primer with the machine electrically run , has a better and a last result.

You can save your car from rusting and causing major damage by checking it regularly and repairing the rust the minute you observe it .

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