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Although you may simply expect to take your car to professional when you require the tyres to be changed there can be some instances where a flat, punctured or blown out tyre can leave you stranded with no other option but to change that tyre yourself.

The first step in safely changing the tire is actions which you can complete in preparation of such an event ever taking place and this is simply ensuring that all the relevant items and safety equipment are in an accessible location in your car. This includes items such as a reflective safety vest, a warning triangle and torch and tool wise you will need the spare tyre, tyre jack and a screwdriver.

As soon as you realise that you need to stop driving slow down, driving at 5mph or less to prevent further damage and find a safe place to stop. Once you stop turn on your hazard lights, put on your reflective safety vest, place your car into reverse (or an automatic car should be placed in ‘park’ mode) and then exit the car to place the warning triangle behind the car, approximately 50m away to warn other drivers.

If you have passengers they should also be removed from the car as well as any items in the car which hold significant weight then to safely change a car tyre you need to follow these easy steps:

  1. Remove the wheel trim from the wheel, this can be simply prised off using a stool.
  2. Turn the nuts on the wheel by making a half turn anti clockwise, this may require some force if the nuts are particularly tight.
  3. Next you need to raise the wheel from the ground in order to get access to the tyre, you can do this using a tyre jack. It is essential you refer to your car manual to find the correct point at which you need to apply to tyre jack to avoid any damage to the car.
  4. Once the wheel has been raised to an appropriate height the wheel nuts can then be completely unscrewed and removed.
  5. Now you can remove the wheel bearing in mind it may be heavier than you expected.
  6. Place the spare wheel on the car and then add the wheel nuts back on, turning with until they are tight.
  7. Using the tyre jack you can now lower the car onto the ground with the new wheel touching the floor ensuring the wheel nuts are tightened by the wheel brace.
  8. Add the plastic trim back onto the wheel.

Once you are back on the road you need to remember to change the damaged tyre on the spare wheel, you can visit any used car manchester garage to find a new tyre.

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