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The price of gas has become a big concern for many people nowadays. It has been predicted that the price of gas will go up to $4 a gallon this year. The always increasing price per gallon has many people asking, “What can I do to not get slammed by extremely expensive fill-ups?”
While the price of gas may go up, there are ways to save on gas mileage. Here are some gas saving tips to keep some of that hard earned cash in your pocket and not in your gas tank.
You can save up to 33% of your gas by slowing down and avoiding rapid acceleration and quick braking on the highway.

Extra weight can create more drag which lowers your gas mileage. Removing 100 pounds of extra weight can save up to 2 percent of your gas.

Replacing a dirty air filter (which will regulate the fuel/air mixture) can save 2 mpg.
Remember, when idling you get 0 mpg. It is more gas efficient to turn your vehicle off instead of idling for long periods of time.

Some of the greatest ways to save on gas are simple things such as carpooling, walking or biking to your destination.

Using the recommended motor oil grade for your vehicle compared to one that isn’t designed for your vehicle can save you up to 2 percent more gas.

Combining errands into one trip compared to several short trips can save you money and time.
For even more gas saving tips, visit You can also bring your car into a trusted repair shop with ASE Certified Technicians who can inspect your car and inform you on how you can be saving even more money with improved gas mileage.