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Buying a used car can be much more time consuming than buying a new car. When you purchase a used car there are important factors to take into account such as the mileage and HPI checks – something that wouldn’t even come into consideration with new cars.

There is nothing worse than paying for something then getting the “I’ve been ripped off feeling” and at the expense of a car this is a feeling you don’t want. Therefore here are some tips on helping you to save money on used cars.

MOT, Tax and Servicing

Always be a little bit dubious when buying a car that has an expired MOT. It is known that when cars are required costly repairs to pass the MOT test they are put up for sale – this can’t be said for every car but it is always worthwhile to get a car with no MOT test checked out by an experienced mechanic before making a purchase.

Check that the vehicle has a regular service history – cars that are serviced regularly are more likely to last longer. All of the services that the vehicle has gone through should be recorded in the vehicles log book.

Check how much the Road Tax for the vehicle is. Plus it is an additional bonus if the vehicle already has tax in date. If not, try and come to some sort of deal with the seller to get the vehicle taxed.

Insurance Quotes

The last thing you want is to save money on a vehicle and then find out that you will need to pay an extortionate amount for insurance. You don’t need to have purchased the vehicle to get an insurance quote. Therefore check with your insurance company and on comparison websites for a quote.

Finance Options

When buying a vehicle from a private seller the payment will need to be made outright but if this isn’t possible then explore the different options of a bank loan or a credit card. There are some credit cards that offer 0% APR for 12 months, or 0% interest bank loans again it is important that you shop around for this type of finance.

Used car dealers often give a number of different personal car finance options each with different payment methods and contract terms. Explore each finance option available to you ad determine which one is suited to your budget. Also most of the time you can banter to reduce the interest rates which will in turn lower your monthly repayments.

A HPI check or Hire Purchase Investigation will ensure that you are not buying a car that has been previously written off because this could cause complications and could cost money in the long term. A HPI check will also ensure that the vehicle has no outstanding finance or has not been reported stolen.

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