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One of the hottest cars on the market today is undoubtedly the Suzuki Splash, not only because of its sub-compact size and fuel economy but because of all the features available. However, in the present economy it is important to find a vehicle that is affordable as well. There are ways to be the proud owner of this amazingly innovative vehicle whilst saving tons of money. Here are a few tips on what you should look for if you have your heart set on a Splash but a wallet which may not be up for the challenge.

Financing Made Easy

Although it is possible to seek out a car loan from a bank or other lender, you may wish to consider Suzuki financing as the rates are known to be lower. Wherever you can find the lowest rate on financing a new vehicle you will find that it ultimately saves you literally hundreds of pounds. Of course your credit rating may be a factor but unless you have bankruptcies or major marks against your credit, take the time to speak with your dealer to see if you qualify for these low rates. Interest is always assessed to the amount currently owed, so higher down payments can help keep financing lower as well.

Look for Promotional Offers

Some dealerships understand that today’s consumer just isn’t able to afford the cost of a new vehicle, taxes and insurance as prices currently stand. A smart shopper looks for promotional offers whenever and wherever possible. Although you may be weighing the advantages of purchasing a used vehicle because of the savings they can offer, you need to ask yourself why someone else traded it in. If you are looking for a great deal, why not look for a promotional offer such as VAT free deals? For example, the list price for a Suzuki Splash 1.0 SZ2 is roughly £9,000. However, if you can find a VAT free deal you would be saving over £1,500! That’s quite a deal, wouldn’t you say? Getting a brand new Splash for less than £8,000 is quite a deal.

Deciding Which Options You Really Need

One of the areas which often lands automobile buyers in a world of trouble is choosing which add-ons or optional extras to choose. If money is tight, perhaps you might like to start with the factory standard. When it comes to Suzuki cars and trucks, factory standards are already loaded with lots of features other vehicles do not come equipped with. Yes, you may really want that CD player with auto changers, but do you really need it? This is a question which you need to take seriously and learn to separate the ‘needs’ from the ‘wants’.

Whether you are looking for a Splash 1.0 SZ2 or a Splash 1.2 SZ4 AT, you can find ways to save money in order to make buying a new vehicle affordable. A used car might do you for a year or two but a brand new Suzuki with a manufacturer’s warranty can last many, many years. This is the very best way to save money in the long term and coupled with promotional offers, how can you go wrong?

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The Suzuki Splash is an amazing car that is both practical and stylish, and best of all it doesn’t have to cost the earth.