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In today’s economy, finding new customers who are predisposed to wanting or needing what a company has to offer is more important than ever for businesses in the automotive industry. Targetied auto leads that have been preselected for an interest or need for a business’s product or service is more cost-effective and likely to yield positive results than blind mass-mailings. Since the passage of the 1994 Driver’s Privacy Protection Act, finding data on motorists who have the potential to become customers has become more challenging. Companies offering products and services in the automotive industry can benefit from Auto ID sales leads, which are fully compliant will all privacy laws.

Businesses in the automotive field can find potential customers using auto sales lead marketing data. Leads can be used both as an avenue to acquire new customers and to pursue customer retention campaigns, in cases when a motorist’s lease is running out, for example. In addition to car dealers, companies offering automobile insurance, repair services, warranties, and other related products can find customers whose needs dovetail with the services and products they provide. Each record contains the make, model, and year of the vehicle, as well as the name and address of the owner. Premium data selects are also available, and include more detailed and unique qualifying data, including segmented wealth modeling, and consumer demographics.

Lists of auto leads are only helpful for a marketing campaign if the data they contain is accurate and up to date. Leads provided through Auto ID file have undergone thorough hygiene to winnow out inaccurate and outdated information, resulting from unreported changes of address or similar record-keeping errors. New data is added and updated on a monthly basis, and existing data is checked daily to remove vehicles that have been traded or sold. This careful process helps prevent waste, keeping your marketing dollars from being spent trying to reach customers at the wrong address, or who no longer own the relevant vehicle.

Auto ID offers proprietary data from multiple primary sources to ensure you receive the most accurate and current information. It includes data on 85 million households, and over 156 million individual vehicles. Detailed consumer demographics including income range and the presence of children in the household allow businesses to target potential customers more precisely, and make the data useful for companies in an even wider variety of industries.

To complement the information provided by Auto ID, there are companies that also offer phone append and email append technologies, which make it even easier for any sales-focused business to reach out to their customer base. It’s easy to request a quote.


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