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Importance of Fuel Treatments

Fuel treatments are fluid additives that you directly put into your fuel tank. They are designed to reduce the accumulation of debris on manifolds, fuel injectors, carburetors, and intake valves thus reducing wear and tear. Additives do this by increasing lubrication of movable engine parts. There are 5 important reasons why one should use fuel treatment products.

Increase fuel mileage

Fuel treatment ensures that the engine combustion process burns all excess exhaust emissions. This results in better fuel economy and greater miles per gallon (MPG) for your vehicle. Fuel treatments also work to excite the molecules of fuel. This ensures that even when the vehicle is stationary for a long period of time, or is exposed to winter temperatures, the molecules do not settle. This makes it easier for efficient and effective combustion to take place.

High detergent action

Fuel treatment products are designed to have a high detergent action. They do not only lubricate, but also clean the entire fuel system. Fuel treatment eliminates black soot and exhaust stains and removes carbon buildup in the engine and in the exhaust system. This results in better gas mileage, easier starting of the engine, smoother idle, more engine power, and better acceleration.

Increase horsepower

Fuel treatment products have the effect of eliminating debris and providing better lubrication compared to using the standard fuel. The effect is better engine efficiency, which leads to greater horsepower. The debris and pollutant reducing effects of fuel treatments also ensure that the engine continues to perform at peak levels for a longer period over its lifetime.

Decreased Emissions

Fuel treatment additives are designed to ensure the complete combustion of fuel in the engines. This transforms the carbon fuels into harmless water, oxygen, and carbon dioxide. This makes fuel treatments the most effective green products since burning of fuel is one of the most prevalent environment pollutants on earth. The use of fuel treatments leaves no black smoke, no ash deposits, and emits no oil fumes. High detergent action not only lubricates but also cleans the fuel system. The detergent action eliminates black soot, exhaust stains, and removes carbon buildup. This results in better mileage, easier starting, smoother idle, more power, and better acceleration.

Eliminates Fuel Problems

With ethanol fuels, during combustion ethanol and water molecules form in the fuel tank and settle at the bottom forming a layer and the petrol that comes on top has no ethanol. All engines draw fuel from the tank’s bottom and in such a scenario, the engine will try to run on water and ethanol. This will result in a greatly lowered octane level. This process is commonly referred to as water phase separation. Aside from that, water and ethanol are highly corrosive and will damage the engine. Fuel treatment eliminates the formation of water and ethanol during combustion thus preserving fuel octane levels and saving the engine and the fuel tank.

The design of fuel treatment products ensures that fuel is burned efficiently and with significant reductions in harmful emissions. This is good news for your pocket and for the environment. Special thanks go to Syntek Global Company for helping us by providing well-researched valuable information about fuel treatments.