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The term maintenance means getting your vehicle tested up on every once & a while. Maintenance of your car can not be an enjoying task but still it is very important to keep your automobile in a good working condition. Automobiles need general & routine maintenance over time. Whenever you buy either new or used car, maintenance becomes a part of your routine.

A well maintained vehicle also ensures that you are less likely to claim on your car insurance, thereby possibly resulting in lower premiums over time. Having regular maintenance will also help you when it comes to sell your car plus it will also exclude your trouble either of repairing or replacing key parts of your vehicle in the long run.

We are glad as long as the vehicle working is satisfactory, most of us generally even don’t remember to get the maintenance of our automobile to be done on time. Oil that we call as life saver of car engine, need to be changed after every 5,000 to 7,000 miles.

Regular oil change is the most basic as well as important maintenance tip, as having less than sufficient oil in your vehicle will result in an overheating of the engine or other major auto problems that can be costly to fix later on. Mirrors as well as wipers should all receive a quick check too. Wash and dry the vehicle frequently to remove sediments. Make sure that seats belts attach properly & the seats are strongly fitted so that they won’t shift about in an accident

Next thing to remember is to periodically rotate tyres & this should be done after every 4,000 to 6,000 miles. If you forget to rotate the tyres then you may require replacing them sooner than it was planned. This single & simple step will surely increase the life of your tyres.

Just after natural use tyre pressure usually goes down with the passage of time. So, regular checking regarding the amount of pressure is vital. It is good to have an even amount of pressure in all the tyres but avoid overfilling them as could prove more fatal.

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