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Buying a new car can be a very exciting time as you look forward to having a new machine on your driveway. Obviously we would all want to get the best we can for our money and this usually means shopping around until we find something we feel is just right for us. When we do find something that seems just perfect it can be easy to make a rash decision to buy without properly checking the car over first. Although it may seem just great on the outside you may find that the car just is not as good as it appears to be.

Service History

If a car is to remain in good shape over the years it is important to service it regularly. If you are looking at a second hand car that does not have a full service history then it is more likely to experience problems than one that has received a regular service. Even if the car does appear to be just fine on the service, problems could be developing beneath the service that will require some serious maintenance work if you are not careful. Whenever you are looking to buy a used car you should always ask to see records of whether or not the car has been well taken care of.

What’s Beneath the Paintwork?

Looks wise your car is shiny and new and appears to be in fantastic condition. You just can’t wait to get it on the road and show off your new motor to your friends and family. As good as your car may look however; its outward appearance may be hiding something very much unwanted just beneath the surface. Cars are made largely using metal and metal is at risk from attack from something that can cause total mayhem…rust. If your car is riddled with rust then things could quite literally begin falling off and you would not want to be involved in an accident when you have a chassis that would simply crumble on impact. If you are considering any car and no matter how much of a good deal you may think you are getting, you should always make sure that you check thoroughly for signs of rust and consider using car rust prevention products.


So you have found a sports car with a fairly powerful engine. This means that you will have something with great handling, acceleration and speed that will help you to get from A to B in good time, right? Not necessarily. Over time an engine will begin to lose its efficiency and what may have been a high spec engine may become something little better or even worse than an engine you’d find in a standard family salon. While an engine that has lost a lot of its performance may be rejuvenated to a degree with maintenance work, it may be the case that it is simply just too old and will not be able to perform as well as it once did. With this in mind you should consider the possibility of having to carry out extensive work to a used car and this is likely to cost you a lot of money.

Not checking a car properly before you buy could turn out to be a costly error so you should always take the time to be sure it is as good as it seems to be. There are some things that even a novice could identify but for a more thorough check you may wish to ask for the help of a trained mechanic. If a car has been well serviced and treated with car rust prevention products however, it is likely to be in fairly good condition at least.

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