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If you have a big family to ferry around or even if you’re just hiring a car for your two week holiday your main needs are space, comfort and the knowledge that your car will see you through. This article shows some of the most reliable family cars available.

There’s nothing worse than questioning a car when you depend on it so much, you need to know it’s reliable. It remains the case that the most reliable cars are those made by the Japanese with the only other makers receiving a place in the top ten being Ford and Peugeot.

Here are a few of the contenders in the most reliable family cars:

  • Peugeot 308 : has a mere 16% breakdown rate. Peugeots are not typically known for their reliability – in fact they are probably known more for being unreliable – this car is one of the cheapest to fix if it goes wrong.

  • Nissan Qashquai: another great car with a low 16% breakdown rate. If anything is to go wrong with this sleek and stylish car it is usually a mere electrical fault.

  • Ford C-Max: This car is classed not only to be more reliable than the mondeo with its 14% breakdown rate but it is also the only people carrier in the list.

  • Toyota Prius: This car has a 12% breakdown rate and with all its technical workings it’s surprising to know that most faults are to do with suspension.

  • Ford Mondeo: 15% breakdown rate. In this car, if a problem has been reported they have mostly been electrical faults.

  • Mazda 3: 10% breakdown rate most owners reporting brake problems.

Having shown you the most reliable family cars you should also know the more unreliable; Renault seem to be showing as the most unreliable with the Renault Espace topping the chart with a great 74% breakdown rate they are crowned the most unreliable family car. Following that is also the Renault Scenic and Megane with 56% and 57% breakdown rates.  Some of you may be surprised to see Volkswagen in the list; being renowned for their dependability  it is shocking to see the  Volkswagen Touran  and Passat – clearly the Germans do not win gold when it comes to reliability – these cars have a breakdown rate, although far better than the Espace, of a whopping 46% and 47%.

It’s clear to see that if you want reliability than look to Japan with Honda, Toyota, Nissan and Mazda being top of the pile when it comes to reliability.

This guest blog was written for by Jim Dobson a trader of Dublin’s finest cars. If you’re looking to buy prestige cars Dublin is the place to go.