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When was the last time you looked at your car’s tyres? What sort of shape do you think they are in? They need to have a certain amount of tread left in them in order to be legal, but you should also be checking them over for signs of splits or other damage.

The chances are that at least one of your tyres will need some attention, and it’s better that you give it the attention rather than a policeman! You are also risking you and your passengers’ safety with below-standard tyres – stopping distances will be significantly longer with bald tyres. Nobody wants to risk having a blow out on the motorway, and if your tyre is split this is exactly what is likely to happen. A blow out is very scary indeed.

So, when you are looking for new tyres for your car what should you bear in mind?



Tyres are expensive – we all know that. But don’t be tempted to go for second hand tyres or remoulds – they are a false economy and you will only end up having to replace them again soon. Instead head to your nearest car tyre dealer and ask them for a set of mid-range tyres. The cheapest options will often be poor quality and the tread will vanish in no time so it’s always better to opt for something a little better. You don’t have to go for something state of the art and top quality –something in the middle will do just fine.

Depending on how many miles you do, and the style of your driving, your fitter will be able to advise you on the best make for your car.


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You will more than likely be charged for the fitting of the tyre so it pays to get as many done at once as you can afford – you’ll often get a far more attractive deal. The wheels will then have to be aligned and balanced so that the weight distribution is equal across the car. There is a charge for this as well. This is another reason why you should get them all done at one – balancing costs the same whether one tyre has been put on or four have so you might as well blitz them all in one go.


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The wrong set of tyres will end up costing you far more in fuel so it’s critical that you get it right first time. The way you drive will also affect the lifespan of the tyres – if you are screeching round corners and skidding to dead stops all the time their lifespan will be significantly reduced (as might yours!). So drive slowly, with the right amount of pressure in your tyres, in order to get the most for your money.

The peace of mind you will feel when your car has a brand spanking new set of tyres will be really reassuring to you. You will be safe, and legal and you can be much more relaxed when you are driving.


Thomas Ethan is an vehicle spare parts and tyre dealer. He blogs about the changes in wheel technology and recommends to buy all kinds of wheels online to get the best deals.