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The UK has created some of the great automobile brands in history, from the Land Rover to the Mini Cooper. Car companies that started in the UK, like Rolls Royce and Bentley, are considered to be among the highest quality vehicles ever manufactured; however, none has quite the following that Jaguar has. Nor have they had its longevity. Over its 77 years, Jaguar has acquired and maintained a reputation for quality and elegance, without a loss of performance. So what sets Jaguar apart? A number of things.

The Brand and Performance

Jaguar is working hard to create a brand that Global Brand Director Adrian Hallmark says is “animated and dynamic.” The goal is to remind luxury car drivers of what the Jaguar brand symbolizes and to point out its unique attributes. This image fits in with Jaguar’s heritage of creating prestigious automobiles. Another aspect of the brand’s prestige is the company Jaguar keeps: The Jaguar XF sedan is in the top ten according to US News, amidst such names as Mercedes Benz and Infiniti. The flagship XJ is also listed among the best Super Luxury Cars, a list that features Mercedes, Porsche and Lexus. Reviewers love the 2012 XJ’s nimble handling, its suspension and the powerful engine options customers have available. The XJ has an aluminum body which improves its agility, and the supercharged version of the V8 engine delivers 510 horsepower. The 2012 XF has also been well received and has been widely praised for its handling. Its 385 horsepower V8 has also been highly complemented for its power and its ability to provide a smooth ride, making it especially good for long road trips.

The Accolades and Customer Service

The JD Power and Associates Automotive, Performance and Execution Study (APEAL) conducted in 2011 ranked the Jaguar XF second among premium midsized cars. This was the fourth time in a row that Jaguar received this distinction. The APEAL study looks at the performance and design factors that owners want in their car. The results are based on what they think of their car. Both the XJ and the XF have been praised for their revolutionary interior design. Jaguar is also among 40 companies dubbed Customer Service Champions by JD Power and Associates. In order to earn this title, a company must not only be among the best in its own industry but must also be among the top performers of 20 other industries. The areas measured include the sales staff, the price of the vehicle and its quality. Jaguar’s ability to satisfy customers buying a new vehicle was considered to be excellent.

The Overall Jaguar Experience

The first thing that usually catches the customer’s eye is the exterior; people love the styling, even those who normally prefer other design styles. Then, after they drive a Jaguar, they love the super quiet engine and easy handling. The testimonials on Jaguar’s website also praise its reliability, with Jaguar owners pointing out that their vehicle has been trouble-free. Jaguar’s award-winning customer care is also highly praised, with happy customers reporting that they received excellent service from dealership staff.

Jaguar has done an amazing job with satisifying customers, However if you loose or damage your

centercaps their customer service department wouldn’t be able to help you there.

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