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Honda has come out on top in a study to find the most reliable car manufacturers, as Japanese brands dominated the list by occupying six of the top ten positions.

This has been determined by taking into account thousands of car warranty policies which are held through Warranty Direct for all vehicles which are under ten years old and have less than 100,000 miles on the clock.

Warranty Direct has then calculated a Reliability Index (RI) score for each manufacturer by looking at the average number of failures and their severity for every model manufactured by each car brand. The average RI score is 100, and the lower the score the more reliable manufacturer’s vehicles tend to be. This makes Honda’s score of just 30.75 even more impressive.

However, Japanese car brands didn’t have it all of their own way. South Korean manufacturer Kia had the most reliable individual model, with the Kia Picanto achieving an RI score of just 3.00! Honda were also some way down the order when it came to average repair costs, with Ford vehicles being the cheapest to repair overall.

MoneySupermarket has produced the following infographic based on the study

Reliable Cars