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Whether building a first home or considering an addition, carports offer advantages that are not available with a full-sized garage. Adding a port means a roof but no walls. It is a convenient option if a big garage is just a little too much for the property. When considering the choices available think outside the walls to the benefits of something more compact and portable.


Cost is an obvious plus. A port requires fewer building materials and time. A full garage is an addition that takes planning and blueprints. Most garages need wiring for electricity, a pricey door and a contractor to put them together. Purchasing a prefabricated structure will cost less than employing a construction company. Adding the pre-made attachment is a cost-effective approach to housing a car.


A garage is a fixed structure, so the options for placement become limited, especially when considering wiring and attaching it to the house. Ports come in many different size options and designs. Homeowners can pick from a variety of materials, such as metal or timber. Roofs come in a durable component such as polycarbonate, strong enough to hold wet, heavy snow at bay. The roofing style is flexible, as well. From a flat form to gable, the homeowner has control over the design. Pick a color to match the house or decide on something contrasting to add appeal.

Ports are easier to place than a full-sized garage. They come in designs that attach to the home, or they can be free standing. These prefabricated structures are ideal choices for an odd-shaped property that does not have enough space for a garage. They are portable, so changing location as needed is a snap.


One of the key benefits is installation. A garage is literally an addition onto the house. It takes time to design and build. On the other hand, the portable structures are easy to assemble. There is no need to hire a contractor or construction company. Carports are a do-it-yourself project that takes just a few hours.

Winter is coming, and with it comes the snow. Now is the time to think about how to protect the vehicles from this year’s storms. Snow piling up makes getting to work difficult, and is hard on that expensive vehicle. Don’t let another season go by without giving the car some shelter. There is no need to build an expensive garage when there are portable options available that will get the job done.

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