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The car is the majority of peoples prized possession, making it doubly important to ensure that your car has the best possible security, both in the car itself and at home. There are a number of ways to do this, and below are some of the best examples to ensure the safety and security of your car:

Sound The Alarm

Whether you have a brand spanking car or a clamped out old banger, it’s still important to have an alarm fitted in your car. You want to be the person who decides to get rid of your vehicle, not have it stolen on you! There are lots of companies online that install quality car alarms, so shop around for the best deal on the market.

Security Systems

One of the many great things about the advances in technology is that the alarms and locking systems are improving all the time, making it more and more difficult for thieves to steal your car. There are also security systems that can pinpoint your cars exact position using the inbuilt GPS, meaning that when your car is reported stolen, the police can instantly tell where your car is at that exact moment. Imagine all the police time that is wasted looking for stolen vehicles? The proverbial needle-in-a-haystack situation. At least with new technology, both you and the police’s job are made easier and harder for the thieves.

Keep it in the Garage

When your car is parked on the street, it is always going to be more at risk of being targeted by thieves than it would be if it was kept in the garage. These days, where there are one or more cars per household, it becomes harder to keep your car safely out of sight. But if you have the opportunity to keep your car in a garage, it should definitely be done. Thieves are far less likely to try and gain access to a car via a heavy duty garage door, so make it as hard for them as possible by optimising the space you have.

The Front of the Home

In instances where you have no garage, or you have more than one car, the driveway or front of your home will be the best option to keep your car safe and secure. If you can park your car within sight of your home, you are far less likely to be targeted by thieves. Also, keeping the front of your home clear and tidy could help the upkeep of your garage and prevent your car from being muddied and covered in leaves when the weather turns bad.

James is an expert in home security. He works with Easyfit to help all car owners get the advice they need to create a safe and secure home for their vehicles.