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Introduced in 2005, Pontiac G6 is available as a coupe, sedan, and a convertible with a retractable hardtop. With a highly stylized interior as well as exterior, V6 engine, which is strong, powerful, and fuel-efficient, up-to-date technology, excellent build quality, and attractive price, Pontiac G6 catches the right pulse of the car-buyers.

However, Pontiac G6 comes with many vulnerable parts and one of them is Pontiac G6 mirrors. Like any other car mirrors, Pontiac G6 mirrors are prone to breakage, even the slightest nudge from another vehicle can result in breaking of the glass. Visibility of the mirrors can deteriorate with growing age too. Deteriorating visibility or breakage, whatever the reason, the Pontiac G6 mirrors have to be replaced to ensure the safety of passengers traveling in the car.

Remember, replacements of GM side-view mirror are expensive whether you purchase them from dealer or aftermarket venues. Therefore, save money by replacing the side view mirrors on your own. The steps given below are for the determined do-it-yourselfer who believes replacing Pontiac G6 mirrors is nothing impossible.

Steps to Replacing the Pontiac G6 Mirrors

Before starting the replacement process, roll down the passenger side door window and shut off the ignition. Pry the window control panel gently from the arm rest. Use a pry tool or screwdriver and start from the bottom of the panel. Flip the panel and disconnect all the wire harness outlets from it and set it aside.

Now it is turn to remove the two panel door plugs near the arm rest concealing the two screws. You need to use Phillips head screwdriver to remove the screws. Now press in the middle of the plug to unlock and remove the door panel retainer plugs.

You will find a mounting triangle from the upper inside door panel covering the side-view mirror, separate it. Lifting the door panel outward and then upward, it will be removed. Separate the speaker wire from the bottom of the door panel and set the door panel aside. Now find and separate the mirror wire harness. You will see a foam insulation from the inside panel that covers the side-view mirror, pull it back. Use ratchet, extension, and a socket to unscrew the three mounting nuts from the mirror. Make sure you do not drop the nuts into the door cavity. By prying the mirror gently, take it away from the door.

Now it is time to install the new mirror. Place the mirror at the place of the old one and replace the mounting nuts on the mirror studs. With the ratchet, socket, and extension, tighten them. Now re-plug the mirror wire harness. Replace the foam insulation and the mounting triangle. Replace the door panel by following the steps in reverse.

Remember to go through the user manual that came with the Pontiac G6 mirrors package and in case you are not confident of replacing the mirrors on your own, take help from a qualified mechanic.