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Long before Pimp My Ride and Pimp That Snack! mankind began to pimp something that didn’t really need to be pimped in the first place – the limousine.

It’s quite understandable if someone should want to get a makeover for their dilapidated car (as is the premise for MTVs Pimp My Ride) or make an oversized version of a Jammie Dodger (Pimp That Snack!), but what about when it comes to pimping a limousine? You may be surprised at the lengths that some people will go to.

The world’s longest limousine, for example, measures a rather unnecessary thirty metres and comes complete with a heated Jacuzzi, a sun deck, a swimming pool and a helipad. Because how many times have you been swimming in your limousine and thought to yourself, ‘I might helicopter the last couple of miles into town and land on top of the multi-story car park?’

It’s Not the Length; It’s What You Do with It

Similar feats of ludicrous limo design include Australian, Gary Duval’s effort, which plonks the body of a limousine down on top of eight monster truck wheels to create a limo that’s approximately eleven-foot high. Not really sure what Gary is trying to compensate for by combining the longest type or car with the highest. Hmmm.

Meanwhile, the ‘Ferrari Limo’ is a twenty-foot long version of the Ferrari 360, which poses the rather daunting philosophical question of whether a Ferrari has been pimped into a limo or a limo has been pimped into a Ferrari? Who knows? We live in very confusing times.

It’s What’s on the Inside That Counts

The interiors of pimped limos are often better equipped than the home of most laymen and feature all manner of mod cons such as HD ready TVs…3D Blu-ray players…3D HD Blu-ray TVs… 4D Red-ray Hyper HD ready TVs…3D Jacuzzis…fridges…freezers…fridge-freezers…duck-feathered, leopard-print sofas…leopard-haired, duck-print armchairs…champagne buckets…frozen water in the shape of cubes a.k.a. ‘ice-cubes’!…women dressed in bikinis…men dressed in swimming trunks…flamingos dressed and trained as waiters…iMacs…a telephone shaped like a chameleon that sings Karma Chameleon when it rings…digital televisions with the movies AND the sports package…DVD box sets including The Wire AND Game of Thrones!…a Versace clock…an Armani coffee table…an original Van Gogh…a full-size Olympic swimming pool…three tennis courts…some furry dice!…three French hens…two turtle doves…and a partridge in a pear tree. And much, much more!

After all, it’s not just the limo that’s supposed to be stretched; it’s also the jaws of friends and passersby.

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