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If you need to have your car moved from one place to another, then generally you’ll find it’s cheaper to pay for it to be professionally transported rather than to drive it yourself. The cost of fuel alone will blow your budget, and then there’s the cost of your return journey. Freight is a great solution for anybody with a vehicle transportation problem – not just commercial customers but also domestic ones. If you’re considering how to get your vehicle shifted then read on for some information that will come in handy while you’re making your plans:

Transporting Your Vehicle

All sorts of vehicles can be transported professionally. These can be cars, motorbikes and sidecars, larger four wheel drive cars, racing cars, vintage and prestige cars and construction plant machinery. Alongside the vehicle itself, the freight company can also carry all sorts of other things (for example liquids, container loads and building parts). It is even possible to get pallets or parcels transported. No matter how large the item is that you need moving, it’s entirely possible to have it done professionally, so always consider it as an option. It may be cheaper than you think so it’s worth costing it out.

Forwarding on Service

Most professional freight and transportation companies will also be able to provide a service to more remote locations, so don’t worry if your destination is a little off the beaten track. They can also help you find a solution if part of the journey is off-road. You’ll find that consulting with a transportation company will offer many more ideas than you thought possible – so don’t be put off if there are a few obstacles in the way. Tailor-made delivery packages and plans are always available.

Compare Quotes

It’s always advisable to obtain a few quotes from transportation providers before making your decision. Once you have them in your hand, weigh them up against each other and see who is offering the better deal. It is always possible to negotiate, so if you like one company’s service but another one’s price; then ask them whether they would be able to consider matching the price. There’s nothing like a good haggle! Getting quotes is really easy – just fill in an online enquiry form or give them a ring – they’ll be happy to help.

Do the Deal

Once you have decided who to go for it’s time to do the deal. You’ll be asked to sign a form agreeing the terms that have been negotiated. Then it’s just a case of deciding when it will all happen! On the day, the company will arrive and do any heavy lifting and shifting – you just need to tell them what is to go there.

A job like moving a car, van or other heavy load can seem like a mammoth task, but luckily there are experts out there to help you. What may seem daunting to you is an everyday occurrence to them so you will be in safe hands – they know what they are doing!

Sarah Broder, the writer of this article, is a part of the team at Corden Transport which offers car transport services to clients. She is enthusiastic about her profession and often writes articles related to it.