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Luxury Car Hire; A Growing Industry

I’m sure we are all aware of how the car rental industry works. You hire a car from a company to use if yours is having some maintenance, if you don’t own a car but need one for a short period of time or if you go on holiday and can’t take your own car with you. Something that you may be less aware of however is that there is a whole industry devoted to providing luxury and expensive vehicles for short term public use.

I’m not talking about hiring a fancy car and sitting in the back or passenger seat whilst someone else drives; I’m referring to a service that offers you full control and a hands on, once in a lifetime experience. But is it really worth the price that it is going to cost you?

The attraction

The attraction of something like this is obvious. Most people will never get to be inside these kinds of cars in their entire life, let alone drive one. For men in particular, getting to be at the wheel of a sports car is a dream come true and to be able to do that is an amazing opportunity. It’s not just for one quick lap of a race track either. Just think, your car needs some routine maintenance done and so it’s in the garage for most of the week. You’ve always wanted to drive a Ferrari but will never be able to afford one; so why not rent one for a few days. Imagine everybody’s face as you pull up to the office in your temporary set of wheels, they don’t have to know it’s a rental and you can enjoy the envy in their eyes for as long as you have the car.

Versus renting a typical car

The problem is, is it really that practical to replace your everyday car with a luxury model if you’re only going to be doing your usual routine? You can hardly get a proper feel for your rented Porsche 911 whilst driving it through the busy city streets on your way to work. Although a lot less exciting, your typical rental car is a lot more practical in these situations. And who’s really going to get to see your four wheels of luxury; a few people in the office that you really don’t care about anyway? And that’s only if they happen to see you pull up in it.

Then there’s the price. To rent one of these fabulous pieces of engineering, it will cost you between 300 and 800 pounds per day, depending on which model you choose. Granted, the price goes down the longer you rent it for but it is a significant amount to invest in a temporary luxury. Even renting one of the lower end models for just a long weekend means that you would have spent enough to actually buy a decent typical car and this one you get to keep.

The Right Horse (power) for the right course

The reality is that if you were choosing a car to rent for your usual Monday-Friday commute or just to run around in while yours was being fixed, you would choose a typical rental car hire company every time. However, if it’s a special occasion or you want to whisk that special someone off their feet for a few days and you happen to have the money then why not opt for the luxury choice. The once in a lifetime opportunity that this service offers to the public is something that certainly has a place within the car rental community but don’t expect to see your office car park full of Aston Martins and Lamborghinis just yet.

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This article is written by Chris Mayhew on behalf of Collison Vehicle Rentals. They are a vehicle rental company in Hampshire and can provide cars and vans for any occasion.