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Do you know the secret behind a long running yet good-looking car? Timely servicing and replacement of non-functioning parts with authentic products is the answer. The same stands true for your Chevrolet Malibu also.
Chevrolet Malibu is a true blend of dynamics, performance, quality, and sophistication. The flawless combination of features and innovations has made this car the Winner of the North American Car of the Year in January 2008. As per the U.S. News, 2010 Malibu is the fourth best car out of twenty-four mid-size cars in the terms of reliability and safety. This ultra-glamorous car is capable of changing the ambience and brightness of your garage, but some parts like Malibu tail lights of the car are prone to damage. However, if you are a proud owner of the Chevy Malibu car, to keep your pride intact, get only authentic parts at the time of replacement.

Just like tail lights of any other car, Malibu tail lights are also mounted at the rear end of the car which make them vulnerable to accident, even the slightest knock can break the casing of the Malibu tail lights. However, once broken, the tail lights are to be replaced as soon as possible as the tail lights are the integral parts of a car.
Starting from safe driving to safe parking, tail lights like Malibu tail lights are inevitable in a car. As per the Global Standard, the tail lights consist of different types of lights for different functions like: signal or turn lights that are used as indicators by drivers so that other cars know which way a vehicle going to turn. Global regulatory standards make these signal lights typically yellow. These lights are also usually used in times of emergency or hazards. Reverse lights, which provide the highest illumination amongst the tail lights, are another part of tail lights, and these reverse lights are used to illuminate the rear of the vehicle when backing.
However, getting the authentic car parts like Malibu tail lights can be difficult for you if you are replacing it for the first time. You can also find that many sellers will claim to sell the best and most authentic tail lights for your Malibu and incidentally will come out to be fakes. Hence, before buying the Malibu tail lights make sure that some of the below mentioned features are there in the new lights:

1.    The replacing Malibu tail lights abide by the U.S. Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS-108)
2.    Before buying the product confirm that all Malibu tail lights are DOT/SAE certified
3.    Make sure that the Malibu tail light that you are buying promise you the OEM design, and fit just like the original one
4.    The new Malibu tail lights have cleared the Vehicle Test Fit (VTF) and,
5.    Check that the Malibu tail lights are coming with direct bolt-on design and are easy to install
6.    All Malibu tail lights should be brand new product

These above-mentioned features will definitely help you get the perfect Malibu tail lights for your car. Now relax and stop panicking about being fooled by some ‘fly-by-nights’ websites and take joy rides with your Malibu.