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Mazda MPV is a car that gives comfort, class, performance at an economic rate. The current model of Mazda MPV provides a super cool yet rugged look, comfortable and spacious interior and excellent performance.

Mazda group is worldwide famous for its reliability. The same holds true for the Mazda MPV also as all their models are till date showing great longevity on American roads. However, when it comes to the Mazda MPV tail lights, problem of tail lights breakage continues in this car also. Like any other car tail lights, Mazda MPV tail lights are prone to damage because of their positioning at the rear end of the car.

Park/brake lights, reverse lights, and turn lights, all these lights together form the tail light system in any vehicle and all their functions are globally standardized. Hence, the tail light system is one of the most important parts of any vehicle. Therefore, in case your Mazda MPV tail lights are broken do not delay replacing the tail lights.

Now replacement of the Mazda MPV tail lights can be done by you. Try the following steps to see how easily it works:

Remove key from ignition and engage the emergency brake. Now go to the back end of the MPV and take the rear bumper out. With a piece of cloth, cover the tail lights module and use the tip of a flathead screwdriver and pull it away from the rear pillar.

Now use a screwdriver to remove the screw from the tail lights assembly. Loosen the screw and take the Mazda MPV tail lights assembly away from the car. Remember to pull the whole assembly sideways. Bulb-socket will now pop out. Take the bulb socket out and remove bulb from the socket by turning it one-quarter anticlockwise. Pull the bulb out of the socket and dispose it. Now place the new bulb into the socket and twist the socket back into the tail light assembly. Push the tail lights assembly onto pins and then replace all screws. Test whether the tail lights are working. If they are working, replace the tail lights cover back onto the assembly and close the tailgate. You are done!

Remember to wear rubber gloves while changing bulbs as dirt, oil, or debris from your fingers can make the bulbs explode after reaching full operating temperature. Additionally, you should start the replacement process only after going through the user manual that came with the Mazda MPV tail lights package. In case you are not sure about changing the tail lights by yourself, take help of an expert mechanic.