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There is no doubt that you have looked at some of the most useless features on your car and wondered what in the world the designers and manufacturers were thinking when they designed them. So take a couple of minutes, try to forget that you would have had to pay for these features, and have a chuckle at the pointless things that have been added to cars.

Can Coolers

Believe it or not some cars now feature a small compartment that is air conditioned in order to keep cans cool. That being said, this is not designed to be a fridge, so a hot summers day will still warm them up over time!

Powered Sliding Doors

Many mini vans (and commercial vans for that matter) have sliding doors. The manufacturers have really pushed the boat out with this one, having the ability to open doors using a remote from 20 feet away from the vehicle. Of course, for those that do not want to waste money, the standard option is usually available.


Owners handbooks on a budget

Now we know that many cars are similar to another, but separating manuals is essential. Nowadays, manufacturers are trying to cut costs by combining manuals for owners of 6-10 cars at once, which makes an already confusing job, even more confusing.

Annoying Dummy Navigations

Navigation systems having been helping people find their way around the road across the globe for a number of years and are usually extremely useful. The problem is that someone always has to complicate things. They have designed a toy that repeats directions over and over again and the voices are always incredibly annoying. If you have one, our advice would be to use a map!

Heart rate monitors

Heart rate monitors are great pieces of kit… for doctors. However, for the average commuter, there is really no need to have a heart rate monitor in place. Again, those that are that worried about their heart rate whilst they are meant to be concentrating on the road, should probably not be on the road at all.

Heart Rate Monitoring Seat

Silly seats

A lot of people want an engine that has a nice, crisp and responsive engine, and some even like to have the extra boost of a turbo. That being said, this does certainly not mean that these people want silly bucket seats and three point harnesses. What they want is not to have to make the engine scream to get up to a decent speed!

Perfume dispensers

This one may be more suited to incredibly vain people. Having a perfume dispenser is surely just going too far!

Top Speed Keys

Everyone knows that the Bugatti is a 250mph monster. If you own one, and are struggling to reach the top speed, it will probably be because you haven’t used the second key! So you will need to pull over and unlock the full potential of this beast.