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Though it is the speedy and powerful that make the lists that we all love to read, the truth is that most car buyers in the U.S. are not looking for engines housing stables loaded with horses when they are car shopping. These days, folks are more practical minded and are looking for vehicles that are safe, comfortable and, perhaps most importantly, fuel efficient. It was for these people, the bulk of the American populous, that MOTORTREND compiled its list of the “Top 10 least powerful cars on sale in the U.S.”

  • The Nissan Leaf is tenth on the list. Not only is its name weak, but its engine barely reaches triple digits in horsepower, 107 hp. It’s zero to 60 speed is sometime Thursday.
  • Number nine on the list is one of this writer’s favorite small cars, the Toyota Yaris, and its 106 hp and 103 lb-ft of torque. It’s cuter than a lollypop making love to a Malibu Barbie.
  • The little Italian car that could, the Fiat 500, comes in at eight. On good days its 1.4-liter (I drink more diet coke than that a day) engine squeezes out 101 horsepower.
  • The Mazda2, the seventh weakest car in the U.S., provides the most fun drive one can have in a 100 horsepower car.
  • Though it is the strongest hybrid on this list, the Toyota Prius C is one weakling of a ride. This, the sixth on the list, only produces 99 horsepower.
  • The Honda Insight, number five, is rated 41/44 mpg and 98 horsepower.
  • Ugly enough that it is thankful that Nissan made the Cube, the Scion iQ only produces 94 horsepower. It wheezes in at number four.
  • Showing that General Motors is just as weak as the Asians, the 84-horsepower Chevrolet Spark hits the list at number three.
  • Though the 70 horsepower Smart For Two car is second on the list, it is the rankings’ weakest gas-powered car. This car is so cute, small and… something…, that I don’t know if I should drive the darn thing or give it a hug.
  • And… the weakest new car in the U.S. is the 66-horsepower Mitsubishi i-MiEV. According to MOTORTREND, the i-MiEV goes from zero to 60 in more time than the Lamborghini Aventador needs to completed the quarter mile.

Of course, most of the cars on this list offer incredible fuel economy.  They might not get you from point A to point B very quickly, but they’ll do it cheaply and reliably, with a small carbon footprint.  With so many fuel-efficient, low-power cars on today’s market, we have to ask:  is gas mileage the new horsepower?


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