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I am lucky enough to have finally reached retirement age and I am in a position to enjoy my later years as much as I desire. My own personal favorite way to do this is to split my time between my lovely home in Surrey and my lovelier holiday home in Marbella.

I often stay in Spain for up to six months at a time, I have a self-run bar over there that I like to keep my eyes on. I normally stay until I feel I should visit some of my family, sometimes reluctantly, or if I have an important event or appointment I need to make back home.

Taking My Car Wherever I Go!

What this means is that until I buy a car to leave stationed in Spain, I have to have my current car shipped between the two countries. Though this sounds like a royal pain in the bottom, it really is not.

There really is no problem; I have a regular company who are ready and willing to bring my car anywhere I want at the drop of a hat. They can even have it waiting for me at whichever airport I land at, so I literally step off the plane and get in my car and go about my business.

My car seriously does have as many holidays as I do, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I need my car, I am not as young as I once was and I like to travel across Spain as much as I can.

The Huge Benefits of Transporting My Car

It allows me to live a life of versatility; I am able to get anywhere I want, whenever I want. I have never been one to rely on public transport; I want convenience and want to get from A to B as quickly as I possibly can without having to rely on train or bus schedules. Taxi drivers in Spain will also double the fair as soon as they realise I am not Spanish, I do not want to give them the chance.

Additionally, I do not like the idea of leaving my car for so long. Who knows whether someone will steal it or vandalize it, and I really do not trust my 21 year old son to look after it, considering that he has already written off two of his own cars.

All in all transporting my car is my best option and it allows me the ability to do what I want whilst offering me peace of mind. I use for all of my car transportation needs.