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One of the most exciting things about a new car is, well, the fact it is new. There is nothing as intoxicating as a pristine car, fresh from the dealership. The sense of newness, the unspoiled carpets and upholstery – not to mention the indescribable new car smell everyone loves.

But with alarming regularity, life happens, and the new car smell (not to mention the looks) gets marred by a hundred “little things”; gradually turning your pristine new car into, well, just another car on the road. It’s at this point you crave the new car smell once again.

These days, though, it’s not quite as easy to finance a new car as often as you might like, so it becomes more important than ever to maintain your car. Not only can it keep the new car feeling and smelling new longer than ever, but it also helps keep the value, for when you are ready to make the leap to another new car.

Check Out These Tips To Keeping Your New Car Looking New Longer:

  1. Start with the inside. Work from the inside out in order to avoid tracking dust from the car’s interior onto the car’s otherwise gleaming body panels. Start with the carpets. Vacuum first and spot treat any soiled areas. This is especially important following inclement weather to avoid damaging your vehicle’s carpet fibres by grinding in dirt or road salt. Shampoo cloth upholstery (or use a leather cleaner & conditioner if appropriate). For cloth seats, use a fabric protector. Clean the dash and instrument panel with appropriate cleaners and non-lint leaving cloths. If you have tinted windows, check with the manufacturer’s recommendations for the appropriate cleaner.  Otherwise, household glass cleaner works well.
  2. Inspect your car’s beauty regularly. This allows you to see small scratches and chips when they are easy to repair, aiding in avoidance of rust formation on the actual metal of the car. Most dealers sell touch up paint formulated to match your car’s colour perfectly. If rust has already begun to form, sand the area lightly and apply primer to any bare metal before applying paint.
  3. Focus on the details. Treat tyres, rubber, and plastic trim with appropriate cleaners and protectant coats. Not only will this keep your vehicle looking like new, but will also protect against deterioration of these materials – again prolonging your car’s like-new appearance.

Another detail to consider is the headlamp glass. Newer cars, such as the new Chrysler, are often equipped with Bi-Xenon headlamps; it’s important to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for keeping the headlamp lenses clear. Following these simple steps takes just a bit of regular effort and can keep your vehicle looking and smelling new for years to come!

Roger Cedeno is a freelance auto journalist who enjoys the new car smell whenever he gets the chance.  These days he finds it in his new Chrysler 300.