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Now that the Christmas season is over, many of us are still trying to avoid looking at our credit card bills or bank account statements. There’s no question that the period after Christmas is the hangover period where Americans realize how much they spent and do everything possible to reduce their expenditures. This often means no big purchases like a car, for example. That’s why the period after Christmas is a prime time to find deals on new or used cars. So, no matter which make, model, or type of vehicle you are considering, for example, anything from a rugged Honda Ridgeline to a sporty Honda Fit or even the mid-sized Honda Accord, now is the time to step into action. Here’s why:

Now is the Right Time to Negotiate

For the most part, dealer salesmen work on commission. During times when there is a heavy amount of traffic around the dealership, haggling is not a big deal for these salesmen because it is a seller’s market. If you don’t buy the car, there are plenty of people who will. However, when the lot is dry, they’ll have a heavy change in attitude. They’ll be much more willing to negotiate, which is good news for those looking to buy. So if you go to the lot after the holidays, you’ll find very cheerful, attentive sellers who are willing to work with you on getting the car at a price you want.

Buy or Trade In a Used Car

However, before you do a dance and head over to the dealership to buy that new or used vehicle, you should do your research. You’re not going to know a good price for your car unless you have an idea of how much it is worth new or used. The best thing to do is to go on websites like Kelly Blue Book or Consumer Reports, which will give you all of the data on what the car you’re looking for is worth, depending on the condition. These are also excellent resources if you want to trade in your car as well.

Know Which Features You Are Flexible On

Once you have an idea of price, you’ll need to understand how dealers price their cars. Things like color and features matter here, so if you’re willing to get a less popular color and opt for manual transmission, you could save big. And be willing to negotiate. Like it was said above, the salesman will be willing to work with you because they’ll need the commission in a slow month.

Although the holiday season is officially over, after the holidays it is still Christmas-time at many car dealerships.   Regardless of whether you need or want to purchase a vehicle such as a popular yet affordably-priced mid-sized car like a used Honda Accord or instead a premium-priced fully-loaded more rugged vehicle like a new Honda Ridgeline, be confident about what you want and you are sure to get a good deal.

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