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The SUV has undergone numerous changes of the year and for many the SUV is still their first choice when purchasing a vehicle. Truth be told however that with the sheer number of SUV choices available that choosing the best one to suit your needs often proves to be very difficult.

SUV’s in my opinion have an inherent advantage over normal vehicles due to:

  • Handling – many SUV’s are equipped with four wheel drive which serves to increase traction and reduce the chance of skidding in wet, snowy and icy conditions.
  • Size – The greater ride height offered by SUV’s is a big draw card for many consumers as for many this serves  adds a sense of security that they do not fully experience while driving normal vehicles.
  • Space – The increased amount of space in a SUV easily allows for seven people to be seated comfortably along with all of their baggage.

SUV’s basically fall into two groups mainly intermediate and standard. Intermediate refers to SUV’s that are slightly smaller in stature. In order to achieve the smaller stature the intermediate SUV has offered up some of its seating along with loading space. All however is not bad as to the smaller stature the intermediate SUV also uses less fuel and in some case will have a higher top speed.

The Land Rover discovery 3 is by far the best built and accomplished off roader to date. This being said that if you are in the market for a new family SUV then this would be the vehicle of choice. Sure there are other contenders in this market such as the BMW X5 and the likes but if you consider the pedigree and lineage of the Land Rover then your choice should be clear.

If pure off roading is your calling then your vehicle of choice has to be the Land Rover Defender. Based on the defender of old this legend still stays true to the original off road ideals of old. Forgoing the modern frills usually associated with modern 4×4’s.

To conquer the urban jungle the Toyota Rav 4 springs to mind. The latest model added to their stable (third generation) is bigger and more expensive, however the perks that comes equipped with Hillstart Assist, Downhill assist as well as Stability control. Vehicle tracking can be installed for added security.

If you in the market for an SUV to make a statement and to be seen, then the Hummer H2 is for you. Cruising the mean city streets with this unique looking SUV and you will be making a statement. Add the chrome rims and a few extras offered in the brochure and you will be “straight out blinging”. It’s a shame that the Hummer H1 has been taken off the market for the general public as this really does appeal to the true petrol head and is a true workhorse. The US army still has a limited few of these legendary behemoths in the fleet of vehicles.

Nathan runs a fleet management company that specialises in vehicle tracking.