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Off road camping can provide a sense of freedom and adventure. There’s nothing quite like hitting the road, taking a turn off the beaten path, and getting away from the bright lights and noises of everyday life. Even though the call of the wild may inspire people to spontaneously head to the mountains at the drop of a hat, a lack of planning can be disastrous when it comes to off-roading. No matter what a person’s skill level is, there are some basic things everyone should know to help ensure their off road camping trip leads to the road of success.


Safety Tips and What to Pack

While it could take a whole book to cover the subject of safety and preparedness, a few things are of particular importance. It is always recommended that off roaders head to the woods with at least one other person, and if possible, another vehicle. If one vehicle breaks down, then there is an alternative way out. To avoid breaking thumbs from steering wheel kick-back, thumbs should always be kept out of the wheel’s center section.

Off roaders should be even more attentive to packing than they would be during a regular camping trip. At the minimum, plenty of food and water, blankets, tools, maps, a GPS, portable air compressor, spare tire, first-aid kit, cell phone and DC charger should be included.

No matter how much challenge and adventure some people may desire, most don’t enjoy hiking out of the woods for several days with little supplies but the clothes on their backs. Packing the right gear is one of the most important aspects of enjoying a successful off road camping trip. With some planning and preparation, off road camping trips can offer the perfect escape from everyday life and provide the kind of excitement outdoor enthusiasts seek.

Vehicle Limitations and Rocky Ridge Lifted Trucks

It is vital that off roaders understand what their vehicle’s limitations are before taking roads less traveled. To avoid getting stuck and causing unnecessary damage to a vehicle, find out what its minimum ground clearance is. Typically found at the differential, the lowest point of the housing axle is the minimum ground clearance on vehicles with fixed axles.

It’s also essential to have a thorough understanding of what the terrain is like for any intended off road camping trip, and what the vehicle’s capability to maneuver through it is. Although the stock Rocky Ridge lifted trucks are designed to handle some of the toughest terrain, any vehicle can break down – even customized ones with all best performance upgrades. For that reason, packing well and following some basic safety tips should be thoughtfully considered.

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