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Voted the European Capital of Culture in 2008 – thanks in part to its extensive and impressive regeneration projects – Liverpool has done much in recent years to pull itself out of the decline it suffered in the post-war, post-industrial 50s and 60s.

With a proud history of pioneering inventions and innovations made in transport – in railways, trams and trains – Liverpool did much to further the country’s efforts to provide reliable and effective methods of mass transit.

Entering a new era, and continuing its record of innovation, Liverpool has proved itself as a forward thinking and progressive city, readily responding to the country’s need for more efficient and reliable methods of recycling by developing specialised scrap car facilities better equipped to handle our 21st century needs.

Liverpool’s latest scrap car developments are the result of years’ hard-fought social change; change that’s seen people better educated in the issues that threaten to affect future generations.

With a number of hazardous elements, cars – when at the end of their serviceable lives – need to be disposed of in a way that ensures all harmful materials are appropriately taken care of.  A scrap car in Liverpool is able to benefit from some of the best scrap car services currently available.  Having its battery, tyres, exhaust system and engine removed, a scrap cars in Liverpool will undergo a de-pollution process that adheres to the latest European End-of-Life Directive.

Allowing car-owners to save money when it comes to replacing various faulty car parts, scrap car services in Liverpool will offer to buy the unwanted car parts, trading them for cash and ensuring that they’re legally and safely disposed of.

With a comprehensive scrap car industry now taking shape, all scrap cars in Liverpool – whether they’ve failed their MOT or lay unused and unwanted, taking up valuable garage space – are able to benefit from the reliable and efficient disposal methods recent technological advanced have made available.

If we go back only ten years and look at the country’s recycling infrastructure, we see only basic measures being taken (mainly in the form of inadequate glass and paper recycling facilities that were poorly highlighted and largely misunderstood) that really failed to fully comprehend the damage being done to our environment and were in no way able to lessen demand for the earth’s ever-declining natural resources.

These latest improvements in Liverpool’s scrap car services however, have done much to highlight our lack of adequate solutions and have seen the region lead the way in implementing more sustainable disposal and recycling methods.

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