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The 2013 BMW X5 is a mid-sized luxury crossover SUV that combines stellar performance with oodles of class and panache. The power that this vehicle packs in its engines and controls is only matched by the element of refined luxury that its cabin oozes from its nooks, crannies, and various surfaces. Fine wood, plush leather upholstery, and understated metal elements add to the air of classiness in the cabin of a 2013 BMW X5 and it is only fitting that the floor mats complement the look and feel of the vehicle. So, choose only genuine BMW X5 floor mats. A carpet floor mat crafted especially for this model would be the perfect choice to protect the vehicle carpet, provide comfort to the driver and passengers, and up the glamour quotient of the car, and all in line with the BMW standards of excellence.

Matching Matters

Genuine 2013 BMW X5 carpet mats come as precision-cut accessories that fit snugly into the folds and contours of the car floor and thus prevent tripping accidents. They come in an array of colors—black, beige, gray, and tobacco—so that they can be an exact match with the carpet. The stamp of class is also evident elsewhere—in the detailed BMW lettering on the heel pad provided on the driver’s side.

No Tripping!

Prevent tripping accidents is profound and important. Not only can tripping cause an injury it can prevent you from staining that gorgeous BMW interior with your mocha or Gatorade! No one wants to tarnish their new interior and no one wants a setback like that when they are already stressed enough with the tribulations of the day.

Durable Material

But looks are not at all skin deep with these carpet mats. Like the vehicle they are made for, the 2013 BMW X5 carpet mats deliver a power-packed performance as well. The Velcro® retention system prevents water from seeping into its joints and crevices and staining. This keeps the mats looking like new even after years of use. The mats are made from 6.6 nylon fibers that keep staining at bay while the tighe-pile construction pattern creates a smooth surface that is not only easy to clean but also prevent soil and larger dirt particles from penetrating the fibers.

Combating Children

Kids will be kids and Timmy can’t be taught to shake the dirt off his paws before bounding into the car! But you will now be spared many hours of back-breaking and arm-aching labor to make the carpet mats look like new. These carpet mats are ideal for your active lifestyle and you can now go off on long drives, fishing trips, or picnics in your BMW X5, the kids and Timmy in tow, without worrying about sullying them. It does not matter how clean you think you are, certainly if you have kids, accidents will happen and the toughest material will be tested by children. It is a battle royale and because of the durable material, they are easy to clean. As of right now, this material appears to be child proof.

No Scuffing

Apart from their stylish looks and a host of features that bring in convenience, the BMW X5 carpet mats are also extremely tough and impenetrable. They are crafted to age well and retain their pristine looks even after many washes, vigorous scrubs, and vacuuming. They are cost-efficient buys that no BMW X5 owner should do without. And for all their toughness, these carpet mats provide comfort to those sitting inside the car. The densely-woven heel pads on the mats are thoughtful additions to an already-stellar ensemble; these pads provide a soft cushioned platform for the heels to rest on and are just the right (and a very subtle) touch to add comfort for a long drive. Additionally, these heel pads protect the shoes from scuffing.

A Wonderful Product

The BMW X5 floor mats are the ideal accessories for your prized vehicle. The mats match the car on all fronts—performance, style, looks, and class. They provide tremendous value for your money and require little to low maintenance to sustain their exquisite appeal.

This article was written by Benjamin Roussey, a writer dedicated to educating BMW enthusiasts on ways to keep their car peforming and looking their best.