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Most Popular BMW X6 Performance Parts

The BMW X6 is a luxury, mid-size, 5-door crossover vehicle that was first introduced in 2007 as a concept vehicle. Two years later, the first X6s hit the road, in 2009. This BMW version is unique from others in the X series because it has the attributes of an SUV combined with the stance of a coupe. The X6 features large rims, all-terrain tires, high ground clearance and comes equipped with all wheel drive. If you are interested in upgrading the parts on your BMW X6 or just need to do some routine maintenance, there are a variety of BMW X6 performance parts available for this vehicle.

BMW X6 Performance Parts

While there are a variety of BMW X6 performance parts available on the market, there are a few parts that are extremely popular. The most popular X6 performance parts are listed below.
*Air Filters – The X6 comes with a standard BMW air filter. By replacing your standard filter with a X6 performance air filter, you can increase the performance of your luxury vehicle. There are a variety of air filters available so it may take you some time to decide which filter you want based on your performance needs.
*Nitrous Systems – Adding nitrous to X6s is a popular performance enhancement because it makes an already fast and powerful car much more powerful. Before being sold, each system is tested and calibrated to give fast and easy horsepower to X6s with just the flip of a simple switch. The most popular nitrous systems are available from 50 to 500 horsepower.
*Performance Batteries – Switching out your factory X6 battery for a new performance battery will give you higher cold cranking amps, which can help with cold weather starts and lighting and stereo performance.
*Springs – Installing lowering springs on your BMW X6 allows the driver to increase their cornering abilities and give the car a cool, custom look. Whether you want to lower the car just a bit, or are looking to achieve a dramatic drop, there are lowering springs available that allow you to customize the drop distance of your BMW X6. The most popular lowering springs brands available for BMW X6s include B&G, Tein, H&R and Eibach.
*Snow Performance Water Methanol Systems – These systems are a complex system that injects methanol into the combustion chamber of a X6. This injection allows drivers to enjoy more boost. The system also decreases air intake temperatures, which means you will have more power overall.
*MSD Ignition -The addition of an MSD Ignition allows BMW drivers to quickly increase the power of their ignition.

Variety of Other Parts

While these are the most powerful BMW X6 performance parts, there are a variety of other parts that will also enhance your luxury vehicle. In addition to performance parts, there are also a variety of BMW X6 performance accessories that will enhance the look of your BMW X6. The most popular BMW performance accessories include spoilers, lip spoilers and custom hoods.

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