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It’s over ten years now since the Peugeot 206 CC came onto the market and blew away all opposition in 2001. Back then its proud new owners felt pretty special letting down the electric roof when the sun popped out, as the only other car with a similar system was the Mercedes SLK, which came in at a good ten grand more than the 206 CC. It was a fantastic little system then and it is still one of the coolest aspects of the car today.

And this is a car that is much more than just a pretty face. The 206 is an environmentally friendly choice for those drivers concerned about their carbon footprint. This car also boasts extended intervals between services, pretty reasonable insurance, and a hard-working, reliable engine that should be good for years. The fact that its looks last mean that its price depreciates relatively well over the years when compared to other similar cars.

This is a car to be driven slowly through the town with the top down as it attracts loving gazes, and also one that feels more than at home on the motorway when time is a little more pressing. Nough to sixty can be achieved in a touch under nice seconds, and the maximum speed of 126mph is certainly more than enough power than you would ever need, at least on UK roads!

So while this car certainly has some performance, and is happy to be pushed when needed, this is not a vehicle designed for flying down the motorway at full-pelt. This car is all about taking it easy and enjoying the ride, savouring that unique open-air experience whilst looking pretty fine at the same time.

As with all cars, there are minor faults to be found on this model. For some the pedals are too close together and the driving position isn’t ideal for anybody over six feet. Perhaps most importantly, some people find that the roof pillars can affect visibility, obviously something which is far from ideal, especially for those who are not completely confident when behind the wheel. Many of those issues are subjective, however, and a thorough test-drive should be sufficient for the driver to know instinctively whether these issues are going to be a problem for them.

One other thing that should also be considered is that despite there being the presence of two back seats, leg room is nigh on inexistent in the back. This is obviously not a family car, but it is also not one in which you can comfortably ferry around any extra passengers.

Back on the plus side, the security and safety benefits are not limited to the steel roof, as the CC is loaded with the kind of top notch safety kit you would associate with Peugeot, including Smart driver and passenger airbags. In the EuroNCAP crash tests, the 206 received a frontal rating of 11 / 16 and a side rating of 14 / 16 for a total of 4 / 5 stars.

If you’re after a less than bank-busting yet funky sporty convertible that affords you great protection against the less than usually kind British climate, and which also gives you the optional luxury of being able to enjoy the sun on the move when the whim (and the weather!) take you, then the 206 CC is the ideal car for you.

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