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Introduced by the world-renowned American carmaker General Motors around 1962, the Pontiac line of cars has proved to be GM’s one of the major hits till date. However, amongst this hugely popular car series, the Pontiac Grand Prix was one of the biggest hits through generations to come. The most intriguing features of the car were its minimal exterior trim, well-designed grille, and the Pontiac Grand Prix tail lights. These Pontiac Grand Prix tail lights gave a completely new meaning to the vehicle tail light system and thus, created history. The Pontiac Grand Prix passed through six generations and interestingly in each of these generations, the car has come out with different varieties of Pontiac Grand Prix tail light. Starting from the hidden and round shaped parking lights, the Pontiac Grand Prix tail light now has taken the L shape.

Tail lights or tail lamps are cluster of lights forming pairs, which serves different purposes. These tail lights are fitted towards the rear of any vehicle. Pontiac Grand Prix tail light like any other tail lights comprise of different types of lights for different functions like: signal or turn lights that are used as indicators by drivers so that other cars know which way a vehicle going to turn. As per the global regulatory standards, these signal lights are typically yellow. These lights are also usually used in times of emergency or hazards. Reverse lights, which provide the highest illumination amongst the tail lights, are another part of tail lights and are used to illuminate the rear of the vehicle when backing. These lights are usually automatically turned on when the vehicle is put in reverse gear. The third type of light in the tail light system is the park light, also known as the brake light. These lights form the biggest part of the tail light system and are automatically turned on when the driver presses the brake or turns on the headlights. In some vehicles the park lights also signal to the driver about foggy or rainy weather. All of these lights together form the tail light system in any vehicle and all their functions are globally standardized. Hence, the tail light system is one of the most important parts of any vehicle.

However, while replacing the Pontiac Grand Prix tail light, the owner of the car can face some difficulties. Like any other product market, in the market of tail lights also, you can find many sellers are selling unauthentic products, which will cost you a big buck but will not give the lifetime warranty. Hence, as the buyer of the Pontiac Grand Prix tail light, you should always keep in mind some features which are necessary in any tail light and presence of these features will guarantee the durability of the car:

1.    The light should comply with U.S. Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS-108)
2.    The Pontiac Grand Prix tail lights should be DOT/SAE certified
3.    The tail light has cleared the Vehicle Test Fit (VTF) and,
4.    The Pontiac Grand Prix tail lights should come with direct bolt-on design and should be easy to install
5.    The Pontiac Grand Prix tail light should comply with the Original Equipment Manufacturer’s design, and fit just like the original one
6.    The Pontiac Grand Prix tail light should be a brand new product

If the new Pontiac Grand Prix tail light consists of the aforementioned features, you can be assured that you are giving the bright kind of replacement to your car.