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Fog lights are of immense importance in a car system but the fog lights do not come as standard in many cars. Cars, which have fog lights invariably, get an edge over others in terms of safety and visibility. Car like the Pontiac Vibe has this edge as they rightly flaunt their very stylish and effective Pontiac Vibe fog lights.

Importance of the fog lights can never be ignored. While driving through snow, sleet, rains, and intense fog, fog lights are the one to give you better visibility. Fog lights like the Pontiac Vibe fog lights emit a special beam that cuts through the fog, improve your visibility while driving, and wipe out the chances of accidents.

As we all know, rough weather conditions call for accurate driving. By using and installing Pontiac Vibe fog lights, your Pontiac Vibe can be seen better by other cars, and you will be able to see them clearly too.

Keeping in mind the importance of fog lights, while replacing your Pontiac Vibe fog lights, make no mistake by buying fake lights. You can find many online car parts retailers selling cheap Pontiac Vibe fog lights. Do not get allured by the low price because most of the time the cheap products come out to be fake products. Therefore, do not compromise the quality of the Pontiac Vibe fog lights and most importantly your safety for the sake of a few dollars.

Some very simple features should be present in any original and authentic Pontiac Vibe fog lights. Before buying, make sure that these features are there in the new Pontiac Vibe fog lights:

1. Whether the Pontiac fog lights comply with U.S. Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS-108)
2. The new Pontiac Vibe fog lights should come with OEM design, and fit just like original equipment
3. Whether the retailers are shipping the Pontiac Vibe fog lights by ISTA certified packaging to eliminate shipping damage
4. The fog lights should have direct bolt-on design and should be easy & convenient to install
5. All Pontiac Vibe fog lights are brand new aftermarket products
6. Meet and exceed OEM specifications
7. All lights are DOT/SAE certified and
8. The Pontiac Vibe fog lights have cleared the VTF (Vehicle Test Fit)

Presence of these features will ensure that you are buying right Pontiac Vibe fog lights. Remember to be a responsible driver by using Pontiac Vibe fog lights to help light your way, and let others become more aware of you.