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When you’re spending a lot of money on a car, you want to make sure it stays looking good for as long as possible. Keeping it clean and having it regularly serviced are just two of the things you can do to keep your car happy.

A crystal clear finish, low maintenance and a spotless interior is everyone’s automobile dream, and now that dream can be realised. By applying ceramic treatments to both the exterior and interior of your car you’ll get a guaranteed professional look for up to five years.

“Tell me more!” I hear you cry. Here is a collection of some of the questions you may want to ask about ceramic coat treatments.

  • Will the treatment need to be reapplied?

The simple answer is no, the treatment is guaranteed for up to five years. You’ll receive a written promise that you will not need to rewax, reapply, or renew this product.

  • How often will I need to clean or polish my car?

You’ll be surprised to hear that you’ll only need to wash your car regularly with a mild soap and water solution. That means no waxing or polishing, leaving you with more time to be out on the road enjoying your vehicle, rather than in the garage cleaning it!

  • Will I still be able to put my car through a car wash?

Of course, in fact if you’re pushed for time it may be the best way keep your car clean. The car wash won’t affect the coating and because of the treatment you’ll only need to use a simple wash and dry cycle. Just think of the money you’ll save on all those expensive car wash programs!

  • Can I use a car shampoo?

You can still use a car shampoo when cleaning your car, although it is recommended that you use a leading brand. Also be sure to check with your car dealership or sales person, they may have a specialist car shampoo available.

  • Do I still need to remove bird droppings?

Although ceramic treatments are designed to protect against bird lime, it is still a good idea to remove droppings before they become baked on. If you do miss a dropping and it becomes solid try using a mild soap solution to soften it before washing. Be sure not to scrape at the dropping as you’ll damage the coating and your paintwork.

  • If I do have an accident and damage my car, will the treatment need to be reapplied?

Should the worst happen check with your dealership or garage, they may reapply the treatment to the paintwork, alloy wheels, glass sunroof, side windows and door mirror as part of your insurance claim.

  • How will the treatment protect the interior of my car?

The treatments will provide outstanding protection for the carpets and fabrics inside your car. Using an interior treatment makes cleaning up everyday spills, dirt and grime quicker and easier, great if you’ve got pets or children! They’re hypo-allergenic, environmentally friendly, non-aerosol, and completely safe.

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