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The Range Rover Autobiography is a vehicle from Land Rover that is being released this year, 2013, in order to combine business accessibility and luxurious comfort into one sleek vehicle. The Autobiography, technically labeled as an SUV, is essentially reserved for off-road enthusiasts who have a day job that gives them plenty of play-around cash. At roughly $130,000, the Autobiography is a machine intended for those who want their money’s worth in automotive technology.


With a 510 HP, 5.0 liter LR-V8 supercharged engine, the Autobiography is capable of reaching a top speed of 155 MPH with a fuel economy of 19 MPG on the highway and 13 MPG in the city. The vehicle’s Twin Vortex System ensures low noise levels and superior thermodynamic efficiency, with record-low CO2 emissions.


While the Autobiography is covered in class from top to bottom, it is still an SUV that is intended for maximum efficiency. With that in mind, the Autobiography features a cargo area that measures 32.4” high, 50.8” wide, and 43.3” long, with the rear seats in an upright position. With the seats down, the length of the Autobiography’s cargo space is nearly doubled at 78.1” long. The Autobiography also features many hidden compartments as well as a panoramic sunroof that provides 39.3” of headroom in the front and 39.2” of headroom in the back.


The Range Rover Autobiography is intended for business, personal admiration, and relaxation to all take place in one, mobile environment. With two full-sized, touch-screen iPads mounted to the rear of the two front seats, the back of the Autobiography makes for one of the best offices in the world. While you’ll have to figure out your own way to connect to the Internet while on the go, the iPads in the Autobiography will allow passengers to get some work done or just lean back while watching a movie, which can be broadcasted through the vehicle’s 825 Watt Meridian Sound System or listed to independently via the included sets of headphones.


The Range Rover Autobiography was built with luxury in mind. With real wood and leather throughout its interior, the Range Rover Autobiography features an exterior that looks like a pimped-out station wagon and an interior that feels like a Cadillac. The Range Rover Autobiography includes a fold-out laptop desk in its rear seating area and the middle console doubles as a chiller box for soda, wine, or even hard liquor.


When it comes to technological advancements, its one of the best 4wd out there. The vehicle is equipped with full-angle air bags, a perimetric alarm system with engine immobilization abilities, powered child safety locks, an Active Speed Limiter (for cruise control), and a customer-configurable single point of entry. The Autobiography also features rain-sensing windshield wipers and light-sensing headlights that automatically turn the high beams on when it gets dark while switching to low beams when the vehicle senses oncoming traffic.

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